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Liv’s Travel Must-Haves: Beauty Edition

Earlier this year, I went on a little getaway to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I stayed for 4 nights, 5 days. As excited as I was for the trip, it sparked a lot of anxiety. I had never flown by myself before. I was terrified of being completely alone. It is stressful enough traveling, but doing it by yourself is a whole other level of stress. I am thrilled to report that everything went smoothly, but the packing process was a challenge.

One of the biggest difficulties with traveling is deciding what to pack. I frequently fall victim to overpacking. I begin to fixate on the idea that maybe I do need that 7th pair of leggings (you know, just in case). Editing out what to bring is a challenge in general, but I struggle the most with packing my makeup and skincare products. My makeup collection is extensive, and each product serves a different purpose. Since there are so many combinations of beauty looks using different products, it feels impossible to choose what to bring. For example, with mascara alone, I sometimes layer two to three different kinds for one look. So how do I ever choose? Start with bringing your essentials. I am going to run you through my GO-TO items that no matter where I venture off to , I would never travel without.


My two MVPS for easy skincare are my Rose Water Calming Face Toner by Herbal Dynamics Beauty. It has really changed the way my skin acts, and I have seen a clearer complexion since using it. Trust me, it is incredible. As far as a moisturizer, I have really been a fan of Differin Balancing Moisturizer. It comes in a generous size, for an affordable price. It feels light on my skin, not heavy and greasy. My skin does not feel sticky when I use it. I would highly recommend this moisturizer.


Mascara is the beauty product that if I could only wear one item of makeup, it would be mascara. Lengthy, thick and full lashes complete any look. They make the eyes pop and give you doll-face realness. The mascara that I have been LOVING, and gives beautiful lashes in only a few coats, is Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Doll Lash Extension Kit. This mascara has mixed reviews online, but I found it to work wonders.

Foundation & Concealer:

Currently I have been using Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation. I love this foundation because it goes on smooth and really covers up those imperfections. Plus, it is ridiculously affordable and a little goes a long way. I tend to buy this foundation at ULTA. While you are at ULTA, pick up their amazing Full Coverage Liquid Concealer, this stuff is like magic. It makes dark circles vanish to complete a perfect makeup look.

Mattifying Powder:

Mattifying powder is a must for me. It locks into place your liquid foundation, giving you a beautiful matte look. It also helps the foundation to last way longer than if you didn’t set it down with powder. I use the affordable option of Catrice’s Prime & Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder

Eye Shadow Palette:

I have SO MUCH eyeshadow, it is actually overwhelming. However, when you are traveling, you should shy away from bringing a bunch of different pallets and singe eye shadows. It takes up a lot of space, and you do not want to risk breaking your favorite palettes. A palette that has a variety of colors that work for a multitude of different looks, and what I took on my trip, is Tarte’s Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette. You can still snag this on Amazon. A positive about this palette is it also contains a highlighter, so that takes away one less beauty product to pack. I love palettes that neatly contain other beauty products, like bronzer or blush.

Eye Liner:

This eye liner was one of the amazing products received in my monthly ipsy subscription. I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to ipsy. It is only $10 a month, and allows me to discover all my new favorite products (that I might not ever discover on my own). You can join ipsy through this referral link for a no waitlist subscription. Want a deep, precise liquid eyeliner? You need to get Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black. It is a game-changer in my opinion.


For blush, I have been loving Pacifica’s two-color duo Coconut Blush. The duo I use is  in “Beaming” and “Tenderheart”. I live for the neutral tones, that look natural on. You can currently snag this blush duo on Amazon. For a bronzer, a beautiful warm tone is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in the color “Park Ave Princess”. It delivers a natural contour with that perfect subtle glow. Find it at Sephora here.


Unfortunately, this color is discontinued. But I find myself always grabbing my ULTA Lipstick in #216-Berry Pretty. This color has a beautiful berry frost color, that is very flattering and goes with a multitude of looks. Another go-to of mine is MAC’s Plum Lipstick in “Plum Dandy”.

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