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Let’s get to the Heart of the Sunflower: Birthday 2018

I had my 24th birthday early this spring. Sadly, I have come to terms with not being a kid anymore; although age is just a number. No matter how old I am, I have always appreciated a party with a theme. This appreciation may be a product of my childhood dream…being a wedding planner! I love to outline, plan, organize and create my perfect birthday esthetic every year. A few of my previous birthday themes include “Roses & Lace”, “Shabby Chic” and “Ombre Succulents”. To gain inspiration for this year’s theme, I scoured one of my favorite websites, Pinterest. After falling down the Pinterest blackhole, I decided on the perfect theme. I would describe the theme as having a bohemian, free-spirit feel. This may sound dramatic, but I am absolutely enamored by sunflowers.

I like how sunflowers are so versatile to multiple seasons. They lend themselves to spring, summer and fall. Circling back to my party theme, I utilized a mix of both real and fake sunflowers; brightening up the entire room. You cannot help but feel happy looking at a sunflowers. Playing off the flowers, I utilized used a lot of pastels in warm tones while introducing boho-chic symbols, like hearts. For decorations, my creative mom and I came up with, and implemented, some adorable ideas. She crafted up a twig wreath, embellished with fake sunflowers and featuring a burlap hook. We assembled cute candy-filled champagne flutes with red and yellow floral accents; tying in both hearts and sunflowers. I also had a darling heart banner made from fun scrapbook paper in matching patterns to the party. Almost all my decorations were done on a budget, using supplies from Dollar Tree.

Per usual, my cake was at the epicenter of my birthday. A custom cake every year is a must for me, and now certainly a tradition. Again, on Pinterest, I came across a cake I adored. However, this cake was elaborate, so I only wanted to implement a few elements of it. I enjoyed adding my own spin on it. I must give credit where credit is due, I found this years cake inspiration here on the article SERIOUSLY PRETTY BOHEMIAN BARN WEDDING: SARA & JEREMY by Kat Williams of ROCK N ROLL BRIDE LTD, I have linked the article here. Thank you Sarah and Jeremy for having the prettiest DIY wedding cake. I decided to go for a more traditional pattern on my cake, with a “script-like” pattern in multiple different colors. Playing with the bohemian inspiration, I picked neutral warm tones for the script pattern. More specifically, a warm orange/coral, a hunter green, and a canary yellow. I carried over the heart element from the inspiration wedding cake, but larger and in a bright red. I added in my own element of a large frosting sunflower on the top of the cake. My cake was a white cake, with a french buttercream frosting. French buttercream is my favorite because it is a less-sweet frosting. Overall, my birthday theme put a continuous smile on my face, and made me want to soak up some warm sun.

birthday cake

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