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Necklace Simplicity- Thesis of Alexandria

Who doesn’t love some bling? If you are anything like me, jewelry is one of your favorite ways to express yourself. From a young age, I was taught to enjoy and appreciate jewelry in all forms. My Nana spent years collecting jewelry, and my mother worked in jewelry sales throughout my childhood. Personally, I find myself wearing silver the most. I was lucky enough to win a gift code from this eclectic jewelry brand, Thesis of Alexandria (TOA). I scrolled through the website repeatedly, taking second (and triple) glances at all the different jewelry to choose from. However, I kept going back to this one necklace that really caught my eye.

small needle silver necklace

The piece is TOA’s “Small Needle Necklace”. It features a sleek sterling silver chain with an effortless needle spike pendant, also sterling. The pendant is a smaller size, but that simplicity of it is what really appealed to me. Trust me, I fully enjoy a statement necklace, but this piece is perfect for the times where you desire something more delicate; which can make just as big of a statement. The needle spike pendant is an inch long and falls perfectly when wearing a top with a lower neckline.

I have worn this necklace with both day and night looks. From work, to going out for drinks. I also appreciate how I have never seen a piece quite like this, showcasing the necklace’s originality. This necklace has easily became one of my favorite pieces. TOA has some other unique pieces that made the decision of what to purchase quite the challenge. You can check out TOA here. I highly recommend shopping TOA for your next “treat yourself” moment.

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