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More Pigment, Less Problems

Whether you’re a makeup devotee, or only have a basic understanding, you’ve probably heard the term “pigmented”. Pigment level is easily one of the most important qualities to makeup. Commonly referencing eye shadow, pigment describes the richness, vibrancy and overall coverage of the product’s color. Eye shadow that goes on the eyelid dull, is see-through (meaning your skin coloring shows through) and building the color intensity seems impossible, you are probably dealing with a low-pigmented eye shadow. Despite the initial connection between pigment and sparkle/sheen, even a matte eye shadow can be highly pigmented.

Does pigmented makeup HAVE to cost more?

In order to achieve a vibrant eye look with a professional appearance, it is important that you do the research before purchasing. Several beauty brands knock it out of the park when it comes to high pigment usage. There are a few brands that come to my mind instantly: Urban Decay, Smashbox, Stila, Buxom and the list could go on. Listen, Sephora and Ulta Beauty are my happy places, however, you can also find high pigmented makeup at your local drugstore. Highly pigmented makeup does not have to break the bank. It is rewarding, especially for your wallet, to be able to mix both high-end and drugstore brands into your makeup collection. Recently, I have been obsessed with two particular high pigmented eye shadows, that are extremely affordable. They are both 10’s in my book.

Hikari Cosmetics

A brand I discovered through my ipsy subscription (find my referral link in my past blog post), is Hikari Cosmetics. This brand has presented me with my current favorite eye shadow. The pigment of this eye shadow is insane. It is Hikari’ Cream Pigment Eye Shadow in the color “Shine”. It is a beautiful metallic gold that provides eye-blinding shimmer. It looks incredible with, or without, eyeliner. Not only does the color intensity provide a wow-moment, this eye shadow feels so soft and smooth going on the eyelid. For only costing $13.00, this eye shadow easily keeps-up with some luxury contenders. Currently, Hikari has 14 color options to choose from…GO WILD!

Buxom Cosmetics

My favorite color is purple, more specifically Lavender cream. Fun fact: I came up with that color name from my beloved KitchenAid ® Artisan Lavender Cream Stand Mixer. How does that relate to pigmented eye shadow? Well, Buxom’s Eye Shadow Bar Single in La-La-Lavish reminds me of the lavender cream color I love so much. I kid you not, this is one of the most breathtaking colors I have ever put on my eyelid. It has a gorgeous soft, but metallic, Lavender color; a great silky feel to it. I don’t know about you, but I have learned to truly appreciate the texture of eye shadow. No one wants a dry, chalky or even sticky eye shadow on their eyelid.

Buxom’s Eye Shadow Bar Single in La-La-Lavish
Buxom Cosmetics – Eye Shadow Bar Single in La-La-Lavish

Buxom’s use of pigment in this eye shadow is stunning, and makes a statement. This is something I find important since I use makeup to express myself. Circling back to the Buxom eye shadow, what really peaked my interest is that it is primer-infused. I was shocked at how long this shadow stayed looking flawless. I am talking an entire morning, afternoon, and night out. Another awesome feature of this product is it can be bought as a single bar, $12.00, or included in Buxom’s Customizable Eyeshadow Palette, $40….also the better deal. On Buxom’s website, you can build your palette of six eye-shadows; which is very difficult because there are 40 shades to choose from; a great option because we all know there are always a few colors you’re not too keen of on an eye palette. This way, you can pick your go-to colors. I’ll tell you this though, I would always choose La-La-Lavish.

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  1. Amy lamachia says:

    Hey Olivia, check out TKB COSMETICS, they have a kit to make your own eye shadows. Highly pigmented! I do it with my stage makeup students, let them each make their own custom colors.

    1. livinglikeliv says:

      I will have to try it out! Thanks for the suggestion.

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