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Brunch of Fun: Liv’s Top 3 Brunch Spots in New England

The Duck and Bunny

Location: Providence, RI

The Duck and Bunny Brunch Spot

The Duck and Bunny was one of my all-time favorite brunches I have ever had; and trust me, I have gone to many brunches. What I love about The Duck and Bunny, almost more than the food, is the atmosphere. Housed inside a 200-year old historic home in Providence, the interior decor is chic and warm. From the marble tables, to the original fireplaces, modern meets vintage. You can read more about the interior design and designer here. While visiting, I tried a variety of eats. We started with the Fruit Plate and Truffled Home Fries. The fruit was extremely fresh and the home fries were cooked to perfection. As my main brunch plate, I chose the Portuguese Sweet Bread French Toast with a maple berry compote…delicious. My best friend opted for the “Eggs Bun-a-Duck” consisting of poached eggs resting on smoked salmon, on top of potato pancakes. We finished off our brunch, although stuffed, with a must-have cupcake. We eyed the cupcake board, and knew we couldn’t leave without getting one. I got the Honey Lavender cupcake, which had a beautiful hint of lavender that paired well with the sweetness of the cupcake. My friend had nothing but praise for the Banana Nutella cupcake. 

The Farmer’s Daughter

Location: North Easton, MA

The Farmer's Daughter Brunch Spot

Prior to visiting The Farmer’s Daughter, I had seen the restaurant featured on Phantom Gourmet (a local television program featuring New England’s best restaurants). I think everyone saw The Farmer’s Daughter on Phantom Gourmet because when we went, there was over an hour wait. Let me tell you, the wait was worth it! The Farmer’s Daughter has a sweet, rustic-farmhouse charm unlike anywhere I’ve eaten before. Walking in, I instantly felt welcomed. I noticed the warm tones of copper, light-colored wood accents everywhere and the farmhouse-friendly chalkboard menus.

When I sat down, I immediately knew caffeine was a must. I opted for a caramel cappuccino. The coffee was rich and bold, but sweet from the caramel. I finished my cappuccino before receiving our meal; this was because the menu is so extensive, it took me forever to make a decision.  While waiting, I decided to try one of the fresh squeezed juices. I chose the orange juice, which may have been the freshest juice i’ve ever had. My brunch bestie decided to try the grapefruit juice; also delicious.

On the drive to The Farmer’s Daughter, I already determined I was in the mood for something sweet. I decided to order the “Todd’s “Knock Your Pants Off” Banana Pancakes”. The pancakes were light and fluffy, how I prefer my pancakes. The richness of the caramelized bananas, paired with the nutty pecan-maple bourbon syrup, was a perfect combination. My friend chose the Brioche French Toast Square. As the name states, the french toast did in fact come squared. Since we both always try each other’s food, I did try her french toast. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with the texture and taste of brioche bread. I also appreciated the pairing of sweet and acidic, represented by the vanilla and orange zest in the dish. I highly recommend visiting The Farmer’s Daughter sometime soon. My advice is to make sure to get there super early if attending on a weekend. You can check out their full menu and other information here


Location: Boston, MA

Sonsie Brunch Place

Heading into Boston for something to eat can be exciting, but overwhelming. There are so many spectacular places to eat in the city. Specifically, if you’re hoping to grab brunch in the city the options seem endless. However, if I was asked where my favorite brunch spot it, I would choose Sonsie with no hesitation.

I’ve visited Sonsie on Newbury Street multiple times for brunch. Newbury Street is one of my favorite spots in Boston. When you walk down the street, you feel transported into a different world (or a different time, check out the history of Newbury Street). Sonsie’s decor matches the refined feel of Newbury Street. When you walk in, you feel like you’re attending a classy social hour filled with connections and laughter. The atmosphere is enamoring, and you could easily find yourself socializing with friends there for hours on end. 

My favorite dish at Sonsie is their incredible Eggs Benedict. Eggs Benedict is staple, yet I appreciates Sonsie’s sophisticated take on it that featured a perfectly grilled tomato. I also enjoy Sonsie’s Espresso Martinis. They are not for the lighthearted; let’s just say they are strong in all the right ways. If you are really looking for a wow-moment, order the seasonal donut. My favorite seasonal donut at Sonsies, was the apple cider donut with a decadent glaze. Plus, if you are a a proud New England sports fan, you’ll get excited to know Sonsie is one of Tom Brady’s favorites in Boston. Take mine, and Tom’s, word for it, check out Sonsie here.

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  1. Krissy Connolly says:

    Hi Liv,
    Looks like I’m heading to Boston for Brunch. My favorite breakfast/brunch food is Eggs Benedicts.
    Thank you for sharing this adventure.

    1. livinglikeliv says:

      Yes! You have to try Sonsie!!!

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