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Making My Way through Winsmith Mill Market

Winsmith Mill Market:

Nobody can deny weekends are made for adventures. There’s nothing better than discovering a new establishment that warms the heart and provokes imagination. Located on 61 Endicott St. in Norwood, Massachusetts, the Winsmith Mill Market achieves just that. With operations Friday through Sunday, Winsmith Mill is a weekend luxury. Turning the corner onto the grounds instantly transported me back in time. Why you might wonder; The Winsmith Mill Market is neatly housed inside an old mill complex established 165 years ago. The building’s past use was as a tannery; which is a building specialized in the tanning of skin and hides. The old-town, industrial feel encompasses everything the Winsmith Mill Market is about. It is an artistic space, oozing vintage vibes, creativity and most endearingly…a sense of community. Tenants at the mill differ in profession. They are artists, musicians, manufacturers, craftsmen, landscapers, dog trainers and more. If you fit any of those categories, searching far and wide for a space that is the perfect fit, you can check out the available spaces here

The historical exterior of the Winsmith Mill Market building, once a tannery.

The Shops at Winsmith Mill Market: 

As a lover of vintage shops, I am shocked this was my first time visiting the Winsmith Mill Market. I had always wanted to visit and am disappointed that it took me this long to go. Several friendly faces at the shops explained how visitors always say they had no clue the marketplace even existed; a major shame. The marketplace has something for everyone. If you are looking to buy a gift for someone in your life, but sick of all the same options at the mall, I highly recommend visiting the marketplace for something out-of-the-box. Not only can you find unique items, but by purchasing you are supporting small, local businesses. With the holidays approaching, there are so many items you could purchase as gifts. Many of the shops were in full holiday-mode, making me want Christmas to come quicker. 

There are several shops within the marketplace. For future shoppers, please know the shops are easily accessible with a lot of parking available. Specifically, I visited The Vintage Peacock, Ramblin’ Rose Cottage, Chanel Shabby Rose, Hollie’s Place, Salvage Angel and White Dog Vintage. 

Ramblin’ Rose Cottage: 

The first shop you see pulling into the Winsmith Mill Market is the Ramblin’ Rose Cottage with an exterior entrance. The cozy shop has everything under the sun. From vintage jewelry to classical looking mirrors to ornate dishware. The employees were extremely lovely and made me feel like I’ve been a valuable customer for years. I love how this shop was decorated for the holidays. I loved the ornaments and fun winter attire adorned. I bought myself a cute fox plush ornament that I cannot wait to hang on the Christmas Tree. There was home décor for inside and outside the house.     

The range of vintage candles and home sprays really caught my attention. There were so many fabulous winter scents that just transported me back into memories of holidays past. I specifically adored the Cherries and Chestnut fragrance. It has the sweetness of cherries, paired with the buttery smell of fresh chestnuts roasting in the oven. Completely a holiday scent winner. There were also some holiday scents that had notes of pine, cinnamon and musk that really encompass the holiday season. I feel these would make an awesome gift around the holidays. They aren’t just scents you can use only around the holidays, but are perfect to take advantage of all winter long. Plus, they were prices so reasonably. The room sprays were $6.59 and the candles were priced very low at $10.99.   

Scents for the home. 

 I also admired the jewelry collection displayed within the shop. It wasn’t the same old, mass-retailer looking costume jewelry like you see at a department store. Each piece just radiated its vintage history. Definitely if you were to purchase some of the jewelry there, you’d always have a wearable conversation piece. 

Vintage Jewelry at Ramblin’ Rose Cottage.

The Vintage Peacock: 

Peacock Wall Graphic

First, I absolutely love the name of this shop. Peacocks have a royal presence that commands attention; and boy does The Vintage Peacock capture your attention. The shop’s entrance features a large peacock mural, an art statement you can’t help but to stop and take a picture of. Listing every item The Vintage Peacock sells would be a close to impossible task. The shop sells a little bit of everything. I could instantly tell it’s the type of shop where you would never see the same thing twice, no matter how frequently you visited. During my trips, some items that caught my eye were vintage bottles, tile coasters featuring images from a local artist, modern re-purposed furniture and more. I purchased two items from The Vintage Peacock. I bought a wooden, steel-blue colored duck and an adorable post card of the cutest baby chick I’ve ever seen (pictured below). I put the postcard in a frame and it has become the cutest piece of art for my office. 

The Vintage Peacock is staged in different rooms, so walking through you feel as if you’ve been welcomed into someone’s home full of treasures. I found myself wanting to pick up and buy everything. If you are looking to add some new decor to your house, or know someone moving into a new place, there are some really awesome pieces. Imagine gifting someone the perfect conversation piece for their home? Perfection.  

As mentioned previously, this is one of the several shop at the Winsmith Mill Market that had a nice selection of holiday decor. In particular, I loved the rustic-looking snow men ornaments and the outdoorsy looking Santa in the red Flannel print hat and cloak. 

Christmas Decor
Vintage Christmas Decor for Sale at the Vintage Peacock.

Chanel Shabby Rose: 

Upon entering the shop, I immediately noticed the display cases overflowing with vintage pieces of both costume and fine jewelry. I find it increasingly difficult to discover timeless statement pieces in retail stores. Sometimes you want a classic costume piece that transports you back in time. Near the jewelry, I also noticed some vintage handbags and clothes that people of all age could wear and have all eyes on them. 

Chanel Shabby Rose had a strong shabby-chic esthetic. The shop with its use of distressed furniture paired with soft pastels had a rich feminine flair. From florals to lace, I felt like I was in a victorian home. Since Christmas is my favorite time of year, I loved Chanel Shabby Rose’s take on Christmas. I would describe it as glam Christmas with whimsical pinks, sparkles, french script and fairy lights. The space made me want to throw on a luxurious pink-silk robe with a cup of herbal tea. 

Overlook at Chanel Shabby Rose. 

Towards the back of the shop, there is more of a country feel with table settings that makes you feel a sense of warm family times at home. The table settings were simple, yet gorgeous. It was like being invited into someone’s charming cottage. I could see myself unloading bags from a farmers market onto the farmhouse dining table adorned with fresh linens and decorative candle sticks, achieving ultimate coziness. 

Hollie’s Place: 

One word…HOLLIE. I could write an entire post about Hollie herself. Hollie is an adorable furry pup who not only greets you on your way in to the store, but puts a permanent smile on your face. Hollie moseys around the store as you shop. Who doesn’t want to shop with dogs around? I was too busy petting Hollie to get a good picture; plus she seemed as curious as I was, constantly on the move throughout the shop. 


At Hollie’s place, there is a little bit of everything. This shop had collectable knickknacks that could add quirkiness to any space. If you’re looking for a retro vibe, Hollie’s place has you covered. 

Salvage Angel: 

Initially, I found the Salvage Angel shop to be more trendy and current. They describe themselves as a vintage artisan market. I fell in love with this bohemian piece it was a skull bedazzled with rhinestones in an ombré pattern. It made me feel as if I was dropped into a Georgia O’Keeffe Painting.

Ombré Bedazzled Metallic Skull. 

I also found Salvage Angel to have a lot of re-purposed furniture. It was the shop with the coolest re-purposed furniture. Not many of the shops had this scope of furniture. Each were so unique that if its a piece you love, don’t ever pass it up. You will never find that exact piece again. I was so enamored by each piece that I found myself getting hands on  with them, opening doors and drawers. I felt like Salvage Angel provided a very interactive shopping experience that really made you examine pieces because they were so one-of-a-kind. No matter how many times you look at one piece, you still find something new about it to appreciate. 

Me shopping
Me doing some shopping.

I personally found myself obsessed with the contemporary rooms Salvage angel had set up. I saw a lot of geodes, woods and metals. I found myself completely in love with this specific room that featured an animal hide rug. If I walked into someones apartment and it looked the way that Salvage Angel set it up, I would say “wow, this person is so individualistic and cool”. It also paid homage to the Winsmith Mill Market and its history as a tannery. 

Contemporary Room
Contemporary Room at Salvage Angel.

White Dog Vintage: 

White Dog Vintage

As a stand-alone shop outside of the shops at the Marketplace area, make sure you do not miss visiting White Dog Vintage. Inside, I was greeted with a holiday wonderland. It isn’t always the easiest to find vintage ornaments that are in-tack, however, the White Dog Vintage makes it easy for shoppers to find ornaments that have a history. Besides the holiday decor dispersed around the shop, another gift option could be the decadently fragranced candles and soaps at White Dog Vintage. From a crisp and fresh Lemon Verbena bar soap, to a hand poured beeswax candle. It is the perfect place for a warm and cozy gift. I couldn’t help but think that White Dog Vintage was the perfect place to find a gift for a “hostess with the mostess” this holiday season…. skip giving the bottle of wine this year.

The Old Mill Grille:

If you are not hungry after shopping, you did not shop enough. It is important to fuel up so you actually don’t “shop and drop”. The Old Mille Grille (OMG) Mobile Cafe is located right outside the entrance to the shops. It has the perfect comfort-food menu. Food choices include specialty grilled cheeses, a fully loaded Mediterranean salad, multiple mac and cheese options, a pastry of the day and more. I decided to try out the Buffalo Grilled Cheese which comes with a bag of chips and a dill pickle. You know you are getting a quality sandwich when it comes with a dill pickle. Since I need coffee to function, I needed to caffeinate with a cold-brewed iced coffee and cream. I would’ve never thought to mix buffalo chicken and grilled cheese but let me just say it is brilliant. The bread was buttery and grilled to perfection, the chicken was melt in your mouth with a mild buffalo marinade. I’m not just saying this, I think it might have been the best grilled cheese I have ever had. I would never go to the Winsmith Mill Market without ordering something at the OMG Mobile Cafe. 

Grilled Cheese
Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese and Cold Brew Iced Coffee.

Although I visited on a cloudy day, for nicer days there are inviting picnic tables overlooking the water. For a colder day, like the day I visited, there is the pump house which is an old mill pump house reimagined into a cozy lounge. Those who spend their days there describe it as almost a “guys lounge” for the men who await their significant others to be done doing their thorough shopping. Inside there are a lot of areas to sit. There is a T.V. for you to watch something maybe a game that is on. Also, there is a nice electronic fireplace that heats up the place making it quite cozy. AND the most important aspect, especially in today’s technological world, there is free WiFi. 

Hidden Artistic Flair: 

One of my favorite parts of visiting the Winsmith Mill Market, was the Norwood Fine Artists Society Gallery and Studio. What I found magical was the staircase leading to the studio. It seemed so secret which made the entire experience magical. Even the staircase was artsy as they were painted a vibrant red color. 

Art Gallery stairs
Stairs to the Art Gallery.

Hidden away on the third floor above the shops, is the Norwood Fine Artists Society Gallery and Studio. It’s a cozy space at the mill where artists who are members of the Norwood Fine Artists Society can display their beautiful works of art that you can purchase. Talk about a perfect gift for the holidays, or for that “treat yourself” moment. As I walked in, I felt like I was walking into an art museum. The gallery space is alley-style, with several windows. The sunlight that filters into the spacious room takes you away from a small town. The warm tones of the bricks added such a “wow-moment”. The bricks made the art studio look like an ageless piece of history. This is a must-see for any art-lover.

The studio is so enchanting. I was warmly greeted by the local artists. What I find refreshing is there are always different featured artist who have their art displayed in a separate section and are there in the studio to talk to or answer any questions you might have. This allows for shared exposure amongst the local artists. I also love that they change their art up so much, so you could literally visit every couple weekends and find a new art piece to fall in love with. They have all types of art to suite your fancy. You can also find a variety of gifts which are perfect for home décor or the impending holidays. If you are interested in joining the Norwood Fine Artists Society, I highly recommend checking out this awesome group of local artists.. 

Additional Activities at the Mill:

Besides shopping and eating, the Winsmith Mill Market provides visitors with additional entertainment opportunities. Looking for a fun night out? Head out to The Fallout Shelter for live music, drinks and food. If you live south of Boston like I do, you don’t have to head into the city to see talented musicians; you can head to The Fallout Shelter. The venue is intimate, which I always appreciate because it allows me to feel fully immersed in the experience without the distractions of a roaring crowd. To check out upcoming shows at The Fallout Shelter, buy tickets here

Currently, the Winsmith Mill Market doesn’t have any upcoming events. However, they had a unique event this past September. It was the Enchanted Fair. There was food, music and activities for the whole family, and the best part was that admission was free. Stay up-to-date with Winsmith Mill Market for future events. 

**Sponsored Post: However, all opinions conveyed are 100% my own**

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  1. Don and Doris says:

    i just got to go see this place after your blog my GOD so good.

  2. Judith Miley says:

    I love this place! It takes you back in time with the original mill and the cleaned out attic treasures right through to ever increasing refinement. You did an excellent job reviewing.

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