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Liv’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

I couldn’t be more excited, my favorite time of year is finally here! Cold New England weather allowing for warm slippers and tea, beautiful snow dusted pines, holiday lights, seasonally frosted cookies and Christmas music are my favorite parts of the holiday season. I have much to be thankful for and am feeling extra grateful. Since I’ve been full holiday mode for weeks now, you bet I’ve been early gift shopping…although I’d argue it’s never too early to holiday shop. During my shopping, I’ve noticed several items this year that are perfect to gift. I’ll run you through my Holiday Gift Guide, including some items I already own and some that are on my wishlist as well . There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. 

The Traveler:

1- Scratch Map– $26-40

Scratch Map
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A scratch map is a fun gift for anyone in your life, especially those who love to travel the world. The scratch map makes an exciting moment for those who get to scratch off the places they’ve traveled. Even if you aren’t well traveled, this map can inspire you to explore the world. It is an awesome feeling to travel to a new place, and get to scratch it off your map. Whoever you gift this too, will proudly display it showing everyone all the places they’ve been. It makes a great conversation piece. Scratch maps are an affordable, interactive art piece. I own a one, and really enjoy it. You wont believe how satisfying it is to scratch off a new place. The standard size is $26 and the large size is $40.

2- Paradise Getaway Travel Pillow– $24

Travel Pillow
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Personally, it puzzles me how people travel without a travel-pillow. Whether you’re on a flight, taking a road trip or traveling by train, a travel pillow is necessary. Let’s face it, traveling can be uncomfortable, unless you’re traveling first class (raise your hand if you wish). A travel-pillow provides a zone of comfort in not-so-comfortable surroundings.  Nothing is worse than sitting in an airplane attempting to nap, but your neck is killing you. This obviously makes it hard to sleep. Trust me, a travel pillow solves this issue. The above travel pillow is adorable with soft, subtle patterns. The back has fun script saying “Wish you were here”. I also love the tie feature in the front. You could use it to tie the pillow to luggage for easy carrying. This is the perfect functional gift someone might not expect, but will truly appreciate.

3- Commute Clutch– $129

Commute Clutch
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When traveling, it is easy to throw all your things into one bag; your headphones get tangled with charging chords and you can’t find your license or credit card in the mess. That’s precisely why the Commute Clutch is a wonderful gift for those you know, always on the go. The commute clutch neatly organizes the essentials: cellphone, headphones, credit cards and license. There are multiple interior pockets where you could store a portable charger, small camera, or passport. The zipper pouch is perfect for storing money, loose change or important tickets. This item can easily be carried on its own, or inside another bag. Plus, for only $9.50 more, you can get this particular clutch monogrammed! A monogrammed gift shows effort and thoughtfulness.  

For the Beauty Lovers:

1- Urban Decay Cosmetics: Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette– $49

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette
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Urban Decay is a fan-favorite brand. Anyone who loves beauty owns something from Urban Decay. My favorite are their silky-smooth, high-pigmented eye shadows. Specifically, the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are incredible. My favorite is the Naked 2 Palette. I don’t own the Naked Cherry Palette yet, but I’ve seen it in stores. The texture and pigment is as nice as past Naked Palettes. I would love to use this to make a mauve smokey eye. The palette feels very adult, sultry and luxe. Giving this as a gift would be an instant win for anyone who loves classic glam. 

2- GlamGlow’s GLOWSTARTER™ Moisturizer– $49

Glamglow Glowstarter Moisturizer
Photo Courtesy of

Moisturizers are a must in any beauty collection. It’s important to moisturize your skin both day and night. Moisturizing keeps your face hydrated and healthy. Although this particular product isn’t “makeup”, I consider it the ultimate makeup-moisturizer. My favorite part of makeup application is highlighting. This moisturizer instantly gives you a shining glow. When I first used this product, my skin looked smooth and healthy that I almost didn’t want to apply foundation. For anyone who knows me, that is a big deal. I always apply foundation just to keep my skin texture looking even; a product that makes me feel foundation isn’t necessary, is a miracle product. I’m also obsessed with the scent, it reminds me of an orange creamsicle. HIGHLY APPROVE!

3- Skindinavia®: The Makeup Finishing Spray– $29

Skindinavia Setting Spray
Photo Courtesy of

I can’t say enough nice things about this product. Setting spray is something I didn’t always use in my makeup application. When I decided to experiment with setting spray, I quickly realized I can’t complete my makeup routine without it. If you’re like me, you incorporate a lot of powders into your routine. I can say confidently that this setting spray will lock your makeup into place for all day wear. I come home from work, 8 and a half hours later, and my makeup looks freshly applied. This is a life-saver! Any beauty lover will thank you for this gift. 

The Music Lover:

1- Ticket Stub Diary– $14

Ticket Stub Diary
Photo Courtesy of

Every-time I have a ticket from a concert, I don’t have the heart to throw it out. I love to keep tickets as keepsakes to remember awesome memories at concerts I attend. The only issue is figuring out where to preserve the tickets. I have your answer. This ticket stub diary has been a great addition to my life. I save all my tickets in the ticket stub diary, keeping them safe and untouched. Actually, I’m going to need to get a new one soon. The ticket stub diary I have is almost full. This a terrific gift for any concert lover, of any age.

2- Gideon AquaAudio Cubo: Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker– $21.95

Waterproof Shower Speaker
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Sometimes I want to listen to music, or podcasts, while showering. However, when I use a standard blue tooth speaker it’s difficult for me to hear it with the sound of running water. Blasting the volume so I can hear the music, typically does not fly with others in the household. This speaker is not only waterproof, but has a suction cup on the back that will stick to the shower wall. Now you can listen to your music in the shower, crisp and clear. I’d say this is a no-brainer gift for a music lover, who sings in the shower.

The Professional Shopper:

1- Baggu: Reusable Bags– $10

Baggu Reusable Bags
Photo Courtesy of

I’m a huge fan of my Baggu reusable bag. I use this product constantly in everyday life. The Baggu reusable bag I have is black with Tan Rabbits. Currently, that print isn’t available; However, if you check out Baggu online, you’ll see they have a large variety of patterns to pick from.Whether you want a reusable bag with a cookie design, or one featuring the phases of the moon, Baggu has you covered. I tend to favor the designs that have animals on them. This bag is machine washable, made of 100% ripstop nylon. you can carry dirty sneakers or food in it without worrying about a mess. The bags are very thin and light. Don’t be fooled, they can hold up to 50 pounds. The reusable bags fold up so nicely, see below. 

Baggu Reusable bag folded up

Photo Courtesy of

By folding up so small, the bags are easy to store in your car, handbag, backpack, locker and more. I’ve had mine for years and it has used in several instances. My personal favorite use is bringing it to a farmer’s market. You can fit the equivalent to 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff in the Baggu reusable bag. Priced at a low $10, this wonder-bag is the ultimate gift. 

2- Envelope Snap Pouch– $1.79 each

Envelope Snap Pouch
Photo Courtesy of

Do you ever look in your bag, only to see paper coupons and receipts messily thrown about? When trying to find receipt to return something at a store, the last thing anyone wants is to embarrassingly dig through their unorganized bag. That’s why the envelope snap pouch is a necessity for frequent shoppers. I’m a very organized person; not being organized makes my life feel out-of-sorts. When I discovered this product, the excitement was real. These envelope snap pouches are extremely helpful in organizing paper receipts and coupons. Also, can you even deal with the price? Only $1.79! The envelope snap pouch is thin and light weight, it doesn’t take up much space. The snap enclosure insures all the contents you store inside stay safely in place. I like how many color variations they come in. If you want to color-code, one color could be used for coupons, another for receipts, and maybe one to store paper checks before heading to the bank. I think the clear version is brilliant, you can easily identify what’s inside the envelope. I have a green one and I LOVE it. Gift someone organization this holiday season. 

3- Just My Style Engraved Purse Hanger– $15.99 on sale!

Purse Hanger
Photo Courtesy of

When I go shopping, I always stop to grab food. It’s upsetting when you dine and there isn’t anywhere for you to hang a handbag or shopping bags. I know from experience that it is unsafe to hang bags on the back of a chair; and throwing bags besides you in a booth takes up too much space. With this purse hanger, you can create an instant hook on any flat surface: table, counter, bar, desk and etc. They are small enough to travel around with easily. I have one and it is smaller than a compact mirror. In regards to this specific purse hanger, the personalization aspect adds a nice touch. These make perfect stocking-stuffers. 

The Nature Lover:

1- Marble Shape Planter– $12

Marble Planter
Photo Courtesy of

I gravitate towards the clean look of white marble. It adds a modern touch to any space. If you know someone who loves to be surrounded by plants, this is must-give gift. Any plant will match the beautiful marble-like pattern of this planter. I think an aloe plant, or maybe an African Violet, would look incredible in this planter. Use this item to create a very affordable, but thoughtful, gift. The planter is only $10. Then, if you pick up an aloe plant from Home Depot for $12.50, you have an under $25 gift that any lover of plants will adore. Plus, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Hopefully they will have years and years of enjoyment with the plant if they care for it correctly. You can always include care instructions which will just add that extra special touch to the gift. 

 2- SUN BUM: Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30– $15.99

Sun Bum Sunscreen
Photo Courtesy of

I probably sound like a broken record, but wearing sunscreen is so important for your health. If you know a nature lover, they may spend so much time outdoors, during all seasons, that they forgot to apply sunscreen on a daily basis. Sunscreen might seem like a weird gift, but SunBum is one of the best brands I’ve ever used. With it’s somewhat steep price point compared to other sunscreens, this makes a great gift for someone whot might not splurge on a sunscreen at this price. I have extremely sensitive skin, typically getting skin irritations from most sunscreen. SunBum never leaves m skin irritated, but leaves it feeling smooth and moisturized. Not to mention it smells amazing. This would work great if you are putting together a self-care basket for someone on your list. 

3- Kate And Laurel Sylvie Fox Canvas Wall Art– $57.99

Fox Canvas Wall Art
Photo Courtesy of

There is no better gift to give someone than a piece of art. It’s a gift they can display for years and years. Any animal lover would be ecstatic to have this simple piece. I may be a little bias because foxes are among my favorite animals. But there are several choices to choose from: a koala, rabbit, sloth, bear, giraffe, alpaca, and more. If I was to display this piece, I would hang this in my office. The natural color scheme allows it to match and add a statement to any room theme. 

4- 13 oz Bee Bottle– $16

Bee Water Bottle
Photo Courtesy of

A reusable water bottle is an essential for convenience and its positive effect on the environment. With many different versions of reusable bottles available, it’s difficult to choose. What I love about this specific bottle, by EarthLust, is that the bottles are hand-made from recyclable, food-grade stainless steel. Everything is sanitary and safe; you can read more about how the bottles are made on Earthlust’s “Our Products” page. Any nature fanatic will appreciate how environmentally friendly these bottles are. Plus, there are many beautiful wildlife scenes to choose from on these bottles. I can’t get over the Bee bottle. 

The Artist:

1- Mini Buddha Board– $14.95

Buddha Board
Photo Courtesy of

The Mini Buddha Board is an awesome gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list who love to express their creativity. It is small enough to nicely fit on someones office desk, bedroom night stand, kitchen counter and etc. How it works, is you use the included paint brush just by dipping it in water. No paint, just water! What’s even better is your message or painting will slowly disappear as the water evaporates. No mess, no cleaning required. It’s a great way to create art in a simplistic form. 

2- DIY Painting by Numbers for Adults– $11.99

Tiger Paint By Number
Photo Courtesy of

As a kid, I completed many paint-by-numbers. They are easy to follow. All you have to focus on is painting the correct number with the corresponding color. What I like about this particular kit, is it comes with several paint colors, as opposed to one stick of paints. That gets boring. The kit provides a canvas, making the painting more durable and pleasing in appearance. I have this paint-by-number kit but with a giraffe image. You can get one with a giraffe, tiger, dog, cat, etc. I find this very fun and relaxing to do after a long day. 

3- Watercolor Confections Tropicals– $29.95

Watercolor Paint Kit
Photo Courtesy of

Why purchase basic watercolor paints, when you can get your hands on these Watercolor Confections Tropicals? They remind me of wrapped candy pieces (please don’t eat the paint). The paints are small enough to travel with for any artist on-the-go. Transporting these paints around is easy with the paint case that perfectly secures each paint pan in place. This is a fun take on watercolor paints, making a unique holiday gift for your artist friends.

The Chef: 


Le Creuset Mini Cocottes Set
Photo Courtesy of

Who says you can’t bake in style? Le Creuset, an iconic bake-ware brand, has come out with an adorable collection called The Sorbet Collection. The collection features several different items all in beautiful pastel colors. I really love the Mini Cocotte set. These are perfect for baking up a plethora of recipes. You can cook deep dish pizzas, baked mac and cheese, soup, cake and so many more options. These make perfect personal portions. Their size also makes easy to store in any kitchen. Gift these to that person on your list always baking up something new.

2- Nordic Ware 43845 Copper Cooling Grid Round– $13.50

Copper Cooling Rack
Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Cooling racks are a must for anyone who loves to bake. The copper-tone of this specific cooling rack is expensive looking. I own a copper cooling rack; I use it mostly when I make cookies. Letting cookies cool on a plate sometimes makes them soggy on the bottom. With the cooling rack, the cookies are able to breath since air can get to them through the cooling rack. This is a very affordable gift that will look great in anyone’s kitchen. It is also thin and easy to store.

3- Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering– $18.24 on sale!

Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table Book
Photo Courtesy of

Joanna Gaines, the Queen of fixer uppers, has the best farmhouse, chic style. Her use of whites, creams, rustic woods, brass and etc. have always appealed to me. There’s nothing this lady can’t do. When I discovered she came out with a book containing a collection of recipes, I knew this was what dreams are made of. This gift is perfect for any fan of the show, or someone who just loves to follow some awesome recipes. There’s also something so classic about a hardcover recipe book. 

The Work-a-holic:

1- Aqua Monitor Riser– $32 on sale!

Monitor Riser
Photo Courtesy of

As someone who works full-time, there are may cases where my desk becomes covered in papers, sticky notes, pens, business cards, labels, postage, etc. I’m always looking for ways to best utilize the space at my desk, in order to achieve maximum space. With this monitor riser, it not only elevates a monitor to eye-level, but provides more space to neatly store items. You can store stuff underneath the monitor riser, doubling your space. If your monitor sits flat on a desk, you are missing out on  potential space underneath it when using a monitor riser. I like that it provides an almost hidden area that makes excess stuff on your desk not look like a hoarders situation. This is a great gift for someone you know who could use more space at their home or work office. 

2- Pink Flamingo Stapler– $8.99

Pink Flamingo Stapler
Photo Courtesy of

A simple stapler isn’t an item you’d ever think of needing to upgrade. However, this specific stapler makes such a fun gift for your colleagues or that hardworking friend. It truly adds a fun vibe to any work space. This gift is affordable. At its under $10 price point, this is a nice add-on gift. Maybe pair the stapler with a flamingo pen, notebook or tape dispenser. Seriously, just Google Flamingo Office Supplies and you will be shocked at how many different flamingo-themed office supplies exist.

3-  Forrest Life Notebooks– $12.95

Forest Life Themed Notebook Set
Photo Courtesy of

Everyone needs a notebook or two. Why not get a fancy one? A simple, solid-colored notebook can be so lackluster. I love when notebooks, or office supplies, almost look like a piece of art. I feel like a put-together adult with artsy notebooks. Not to mention, notebooks are useful for anyone. Know whoever you gift this too, will get use out of it. This isn’t a gift that will sit in a box. This particular notebook set looks like a painting and is so aesthetically pleasing.

4- 2019 Bellini Planner– $21.71 on sale!

Bando Agenda
Photo Courtesy of

I never leave the house without my weekly planner. It keeps me organized and allows me to never forget appointments, or important things I need to do. Yeah, you could just use your phone to set reminders, but there is something special about hand-writing what you need to do in a planner. I like being able to physically check off items I complete. It’s also a lot of fun to adorn your planner with cute stickers to really make it your own. Planners can be pretty pricey, so they can make the perfect stand alone gift. However, I’d suggest pairing the planner with pencils and stickers. 

**Not a sponsored post. All opinions conveyed are my own**

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