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A Clean Complexion with Clean Skin Club

It’s no secret makeup application is part of my daily routine. I enjoy makeup, but understand how improper makeup removal can negatively affect skin. Having a few skin concerns is completely normal. Common skin concerns you might hear of include: acne, oily skin, dull skin texture, hyper-pigmentation, dryness, enlarged pores and etc. Everyone’s skin acts differently. Personally, I find some common skin concerns erupting when I wait too long to remove makeup. Makeup removal is essential and should be taken seriously.

I’ve been given the exciting opportunity to collab with Clean Skin Club. Clean Skin Club has a mission to create better hygiene & skincare products for consumers, and our precious environment. The brand prides itself in providing organic hygiene products that are natural and biodegradable. I opted for the All Natural Makeup Remover bundle. I’ve since been using their products daily to get a feel for the products. I’ll always keep this blog truthful with honest opinions. I can 100% truthfully say I’ve been loving all the products from the Clean Skin Club. I’m going to run you through which Clean Skin Club products I’ve been using, how I have integrated them into my makeup removal routine and the awesome results I’ve noticed.


Anyone who knows me understands my absolute obsession with anything coconut; especially coconut oil. When I saw these Clean Coconut Oil Wipes in my product bundle, I was ecstatic. Coconut oil is quite useful and known to be very effective in makeup removal. The first photo above shows me in makeup after a full day at work. I tend to pack on the makeup, so quick removal can be tricky. I was quite impressed with how little effort it took for me to get most of my makeup off. You can see in the third photo above how much makeup the wipe removed from my face. That was only after wiping my face for under 30 seconds. What I really appreciated is how I didn’t have to roughly scrub my face to get the makeup off. Many makeup remover wipes require me to constantly scrub my face to get the makeup off to the point where my skin becomes extremely irritated. These wipes seemed to easily melt the makeup off my face. It is shocking how non-greasy the coconut oil in these wipes were, which I was honestly expecting. I found them very hydrating and moisturizing with natural ingredients. I definitely approve. 


I immediately knew Clean Skin Club’s Organic Clean Swabs were a must for my makeup removal routine. They aren’t included in the All Natural Makeup Remover bundle, but Clean Skin Club was lovely enough to include them for me to try. These are truly the modern cotton swab. They are completely organic which is awesome, I marveled over the detail of the wooden stick of  the cotton swab, it makes the swabs luxe. The top of the cotton swab looks similar in shape to that of a normal cotton swab, while the bottom is a pointy and precise. After using the coconut oil wipes, I tested both ends of the cotton swab to remove excess eyeliner and mascara under my eyes. Both ends worked great! I would recommend the pointy, tapered end to be used to fix up makeup while on the go. The price point is great too, you can get a 300 pack of these for only $5.99!


Face pads

Once I used the coconut wipes and swabs, I wanted to follow-up with a cleanser. Cleansers tackle any remaining, stubborn makeup let over. I dampened one of Clean Skin Club’s Organic Clean Face Pads and used it to apply cream-based cleanser. A couple wonderful features that stood out to me include how cloud-like soft the face pads were, their fluffiness (many face pads are extremely thin), the fact that they left no cotton lint behind on my face and how absorbent they were holding both water and product without having water drip all over my face when pressed to my skin. The following picture shows the additional makeup the Organic Clean Face Pad helped me remove with a cleanser. I was thrilled to see how much additional makeup was removed; all thanks to a cleanser and the gentle, dirt-catching cotton face pads. 

Face pads after removing makeup


I never realized until receiving Clean Skin Club’s Biodegradable Clean Towels how much bacteria (including E. Coli) remain on freshly washed face towels. You can read more about these facts on their website. I am very impressed with the innovative concept of having a disposable face towel so that every time you go to wash your face, your using a fresh, bacteria-free towel. Clean Skin Club took the details of this product even further by including adhesive stickies that can be used to mount the box of disposable towels to a mirror, how creative? I appreciate this detail because it is a big box the towels come in, so by adhering it to a mirror, you aren’t taking up any counter space.

I dampened the towel and washed my face one last time to ensure I got all the cleanser and excess makeup off my face. You can see in the picture below that there is little to no makeup stains on the towel; while my face looks glowingly clean. This impressively shows me that my makeup was successfully removed after steps 1-3 using Clean Skin Club products.

Using the Biodegradable Face Towel


When I received the Peppermint Toning Mist, I couldn’t wait to try it. This is the last step in my Clean Skin Club routine because toners can be used to remove any dirt or impurities in your pores. Open pores have been a challenge for me due to clogged pores; therefore, I quickly figured out the importance of successful makeup removal, which can’t be completed without the use of a toner to clean out and shrink pores. Many people apply toners with a cotton ball or pad, but I tend to mist the spray on my face, then use a cotton pad to assist in its absorption into my skin. Plus, spraying the toning mist on your face is such a cool and refreshing experience. It really soothes me before heading out for the day, or getting ready for bed. The Peppermint toning mist smells great and invigorates your senses. It is made from all natural ingredients, giving confidence that what I am using on my face is 100% clean. All I do next is moisturize my face, which I’ve explained in a past blog is an important step for healthy skin. 


Clean face

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. That tells you how important it is to take care of your skin to improve your well-being. Makeup is lovely, but you have to use it in accordance with a successful making removing and skincare routine. Clean Skin Club provides feel good, natural and purely formulated products that provide the ultimate clean skin routine. You’re using the products to clean your skin, shouldn’t the products themselves be made of clean ingredients? I can honestly say my face was glowing and I didn’t see one sign of dullness due to excess caked on makeup residue. I noticed a smoother complexion, and reduced blemishes, after sticking with Clean Skin Club’s products on a daily basis. Remember, you won’t achieve results if you don’t stick to a skincare routine. 

I can already tell Clean Skin Club is a brand to watch. I love how you can either one time purchase each item/bundles, or you can subscribe for up to three months so you automatically get the products delivered to your door when you need to replenish your stock. No more running to the store to pick up makeup wipes. Drink your water and purify your face with Clean Skin Club. 

**I received all mentioned products discounted by Clean Skin Club. However, all opinions and content conveyed are 100% my own**

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  1. I need to get this for Melissa Love the review. I’m sold!

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