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Liv’s Holiday Look

Holiday Outfit

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season filled with friends, family, happiness, laughs and very importantly love. I’ve always enjoyed putting together fun looks for the holiday season. Whether I’m rocking a super dressy outfit or an ugly Christmas Sweater, holiday fashion makes me smile. Each year, I tend to dress up a little extra on Christmas day. I had a lot of fun styling myself this holiday season, and I cant wait to show you my overall look!


When getting ready, I usually don’t get dressed until I finish my makeup. I’ve had my fair share of mascara dropping incidents. For Christmas day, I knew for awhile what shirt I wanted to wear. Since my shirt featured bright colors, I didn’t want my eye look to seem like it was competing with the blouse. I decided to go with a mauve, pink smokey eye featuring a cut crease. I used pink eye shadow shades from several different palettes. To achieve the cut crease, I use IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer to create a base over the dark pink shadow I blended out. This base allows me to easily pack on lighter pink pigment to fade out the pink smokey eye. In the inner corner, I used a shimmery white shadow to make the eye look colors pop.

Holiday Makeup, Pink Cut Crease

Holiday Nails:

I love having unique and funky nails for special occasions. I attended a local holiday craft and vendor fair, where I discovered an awesome brand changing the nail polish game. The brand is Color Street. Color Street offers 100% real nail polish strips that are beyond easy to apply. All you have to do is open the package, clean your nails with the included alcohol wipe, peel off the nail polish strip, place it on the nail, and smooth it over. Each strip includes a base, a color and a top coat. I can’t get over how much time that saves. The bottom of the strip is tacky, so it adheres to the nail, while the top is completely dry. This ensures your nails are flawless in an instant, with no dry time, smudges or streaks. I’m also impressed that my nail strips look newly applied after 6 days of wear.

With Color Street, you can have an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. Whether you’re feeling a french manicure, a glitter dip, a solid or a nail design, Color Street has a nail strip for you. These are affordable ranging from $11-$14. I decided to choose a holiday-themed, glitter/nail design option. The nail strip I specifically bought was Hollyback Girl. It comes with 16 pieces, so you have enough in case you mess up the application or a nail chips. Just make sure you seal the package up good so that they don’t dry out; remember, they are real polish.

Color Street Holly and Glitter Holiday Nails


I never leave the house without spritzing on some perfume. For the holidays, I wanted a classy and grown-up scent. I was lucky enough to win the Babe Lash® Indulgence Kit. The kit includes a 10mL rollerball perfume in the scent, Sweet Velvet. I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to perfume, so I was skeptical about liking this scent. However, this scent is incredible! I even went to Babe Lash’s website to see if I could purchase a full size bottle of Sweet Velvet. I quickly discovered that you can only get this scent in the Babe Lash® Indulgence Kit. According to the packaging, the top notes are bergamot, freesia and sugared plum. Other notes include black jasmine, musk, cashmere, geranium and amber. The rollerball is also the perfect travel size; to throw into a purse and bring to wherever you travel for the holidays.

Babe Lash Sweet Velvet Rollerball Perfume

My Outfit:

I decided to dress up a little, while factoring in comfort. Instead of actual dress pants, I decided to wear stretchy, dress pant leggings. Basically, a fancy pair of black leggings. I wear these pants to work a lot; they are extremely comfortable, but more professional than basic leggings. I got these pants awhile ago at T.J. Maxx, whose stock is always changing, so I couldn’t find the exact pair. However, a similar option can be found here on As far as my blouse, I wanted to have some fun. I chose to wear a spectacular vintage find: an Oscar de la Renta Expressions blouse. I picked it up a couple months ago at a consignment boutique. It’s a beautiful long sleeve blouse with a black base color. The floral pattern that covers the blouse features rich, jewel tones. The top is a button up, and the collar has a cute tie, which showcases its vintage nature perfectly.

[URIS id=2359]


I was excited to finally wear my black velvet heeled boots. I waited a long time to wear these. Truth is, I purchased these boots off-season on DSW’s website. I got an insane deal on them not only because they were on clearance, but also because I had a $10 DSW Reward. I find the boots to be flashy with the sheen from the crushed velvet, but classy and sleek in that midnight black color. They look fabulous on, and I wish I had them in every color. The heel height is perfect for me which is always a plus. Most importantly, the boots are incredibly comfortable. They boot material is stretchy with a zip in the back. The stretch material allows for breathability and comfort. The worst is being uncomfortable for the holidays. No one wants tight boots that cut off circulation. If you’re interested in purchasing these boots, they are the Truely boot from Impo!


I’ve owned this Kate Spade handbag for years now. It is the Kate Spade Astor Court Elena Handbag. I typically wear it during the summer, as the bright turquoise color feels more “summer” to me. However, the handbag’s color is such a complimentary match for the Oscar de la Renta blouse that I couldn’t resist. I decided to make it work for winter, especially with the bag’s quilted pattern. The handbag brings out the beautiful jewel tones in the shirt. Since this bag is no longer sold via Kate Spade retailers, the only place I could find it is preowned on Poshmark.

Kate Spade Astor Court Elena Handbag


For Christmas, my wonderful mother spoiled me. One of my favorite gifts she gave me was a beautiful silver ring with a blue Swarovski Crystal element. I was taken back by its utter shine. The ring is beyond gorgeous. I grilled my mom for where she purchased it….and guess what….at T.J. Maxx. I’m not sure if you know this, but T.J. Maxx has some of the best jewelry counters. The ring reminds me of something Princess Jasmine would wear. If you personally know me, you’ll know how much I adore Princess Jasmine. I had a difficult time finding the exact ring online. That being said, if you’re looking for a similar ring, this Aquamarine Geometric Statement Ring With Swarovski® Crystals is a good option for you.

Champagne Flute:

Ok sure, this item isn’t technically part of my look. BUT, no holiday is complete without a little champagne. Champagne happens to be my favorite alcoholic beverage. I recently bought myself a beautiful champagne flute in a stunning icy blue color. It has an edgy crackle design. The exact champagne flute I’m pictured with at the beginning of the blog is the Teal Champagne Flute from Pier One Import’s Crackle Collection. It’s only $6.95!

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