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The Candle Warmer of My Dreams

Happy New Year my readers! I can’t believe it’s already 2019. The holiday season flew by for me. Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been able to sit back and reflect on 2018; to appreciate everything I’m thankful for. One of my 2019 resolutions is to self-improve and stress less. Believe it or not, candles are items that always make me feel better. It may sound crazy, but candles make me calm. I find myself being more productive because I feel more comfortable in my surroundings when candles are lit. I’ve always wanted to bring candles with me to work, less the fire hazard. Luckily, I received an awesome gift for Christmas that I have to share.

One of my most exciting Christmas gifts I received is a candle warmer from my Grandparents. You may be thinking, what is so special about a candle warmer? Well, I’m not the type to get any old candle warmer…so I got the most zen and unique one ever. It’s called the Little Garden Warmer from Scentsy. Scentsy offers several fun and creative candle warmer options to choose from. I’m thrilled I was gifted the Little Garden Warmer as it is the one that fits my personality best. It’s modern, trendy and simplistic. The faux succulent feature truly brings out my love of plants. The river rock that fills the dish brings relaxation to an entire new level, making me feel like I’m at a spa.

Immediately, I wanted to bring this relaxing item to my office. Again, lighting candles at work is obviously a safety hazard. With this warmer, I don’t have to worry. I wouldn’t recommend holding your fingers on the warming area, but it’s not scalding hot. I’ve had it running for a couple hours and it didn’t get hot, just very warm. The heat gradually melts the wax melt cubes inserted into the warmer’s dish. The heat comes from a low-watt lightbulb.

Once you fill the dish with a wax melt cube, your is space has a wonderful fragrance, minus the flame, smoke or soot. Nothing is worse than lighting a candle and smelling that underlying smoky smell. Wax melts lack a burning wick, always giving you the best quality fragrance. What’s great about the warmer is you don’t have to keep it on for too long. Always make sure to switch it off before leaving the warmer alone. You can make sure the warmer is off by checking the orange safety light at the back of the warmer, pictured below.

Back of Scentsy Candle Warmer Depicting Light Indicator

My office is pretty spacious, so it is not overpowering at all, but really does give off a good amount of fragrance. I would advise only using one wax cube at a time. One cube goes a long way, and is pretty fragrant. At work, I don’t want a scent that is too obnoxiously strong; besides, I don’t enjoy a strong fragrance while trying to get my work done. If your workspace is tiny, I wouldn’t suggest using this at work. It may be too strong for not only you, but your co-workers. In my opinion, even diffusers with essentials oils are too fragrant for the workplace. That’s why I love the gradual scent release of the wax melts in the candle warmer.

With this gift, I received some awesome Scensty brand wax melts that are perfect for the holiday/winter season. I received the Christmas Cuddles Scentsy Bar, Be Merry Scentsy Bar and Butter Pecan Scentsy Bar. Christmas Cuddles has a beautiful scent that transports me right into the holiday season by pairing spicy and sweet scents. When this wax melt is in the warmer, I experience the notes listed on the package including caramel and bourbon vanilla, as well as cinnamon and clove. Be Merry, again is another true holiday sent with the smell of berries and pine. The website describes this fragrance as having notes of pine, holly leaf and cassis. Butter Pecan is an extremely sweet scent that makes me feel at home. It smells like taking warm maple sugar cookies out of the oven during Thanksgiving season. The website describes this fragrance as having notes of candied pecan, maple and butter. The wax melt cube pictured below is the Butter Pecan fragrance.

I highly recommend this candle warmer! It has been beyond relaxing and enjoyable for me. I use it everyday in my office. If succulents aren’t for you, check out the differing Scentsy candle warmer options. If interested, you can message me via the “Contact” section for more information about my local Scentsy Representative. The Scentsy branded wax melts are quite nice, but you could use any type of wax melt. You can get wax melts at either candle-specific stores like Yankee Candle, or at mass retailers like Target or Kohl’s. Wax melts are pretty affordable too, especially compared to some candles. I’m not completely giving up on my candles, but I have to say I’m currently favoring my candle warmer.

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