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Double-trouble: Highlighter Eyeshadows

As a consumer, I appreciate a product that gives me more “bang for my buck”. A makeup product with multiple uses always peaks my interest. I’m completely here for a lip tint that can also be used as a cheek color, a foundation that can be used to contour, or a lip balm that can also treat your cuticles. These products are especially perfect for traveling, so you can pack less beauty items. I have a couple of these specific products in my collection. My favorite type of multi-use products are eyeshadows that can also be used as highlighters. Just because an eyeshadow isn’t marketed as being a highlighter, don’t let that trick you. I’m happy to share some class-act products that are labeled eyeshadows, but create a glowing highlighter.

The affordable cosmetics brand, City Color Cosmetics, offers a beautiful eyeshadow line. If you’re looking for a blinding highlight, I would suggest choosing my favorite color in the collection, City Chic Eye Shadow in Skinny Latte. This color is best described as a creamy mocha. This cushiony eyeshadow requires only a single swipe on your cheeks to achieve a warm highlight. Start off lightly with this product, as a little goes a long way. For an everyday look, I only use one swipe. For a night out or special occasion, I tend to build up the highlight. In my opinion, it’s a showstopper. Even better, this product is very affordable, costing $3.99 for a considerable size, 3.65 grams. I’d say for the price, this eyeshadow can keep up with some luxury-brand highlighters.

Color City Skinny Latte EyeShadow
Photo Courtesy of City Color’s Website

A trendy brand, known by many in the makeup industry, is Colourpop. They produce highly pigmented, powder eyeshadows. They have a soft-as-butter texture, one of the main reasons I always reach for my Colourpop shadows. My favorite is Colourpop’s Pressed Powder Shadow in Come and Get It. Side note: I’m a massive Selena Gomez fan so the name of this product gets brownie points from me. This eyeshadow is a beautiful pink rose color, with gold flakes. It works beautifully for day or night wear. You may be surprised to hear that I tried this product as a blush first. I quickly found the color to be more fitting as a highlighter. When the gold flakes hit the light, you have a breathtaking pink glow. Again, this eyeshadow is also extremely affordable. If you’d prefer to purchase the shadow on its own, it only costs $4.00. If you’d like to purchase the shadow inside a compact, it costs $5.00; both prices a bargain in my eyes. If you’re not feeling a pinky highlight, this eyeshadow looks stunning on the lids.

Photo Courtesy of Colourpop’s Website

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