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Awesome Pairings for Any Coffee-Lover

Over the course of my coffee-drinking life, I’ve discovered pairings that enhance my overall coffee experience. Think of it like pairing syrup with pancakes, or milk with cookies. Sometimes, you even discover uncommon pairings you enjoy, like concentrated lemon juice on watermelon. Either way, it’s exciting to find two things you love, that pair well together. I’ll clue you in on a few of my favorite food items, accessories and activities I love to to pair with my coffee, to get myself more hyped for the day.

Keeping a Grip on your Coffee:

Iced coffee fans, this one is for you. I tend to drink iced coffee more than I drink hot coffee. I find iced coffee to be more satisfying, despite what time of year it is. When getting an iced coffee, there are two inconveniences that always come to mind. 1) The condensation that accumulates on the iced coffee cup. 2) Your hand becomes freezing cold from holding the iced coffee. So what, are we just supposed to enjoy our iced coffee constantly wearing gloves? I’m not buying into that. I found the perfect item that solves both of those inconveniences: a Coffee Cozy.

Princess Jasmine Coffee Cozy

You may be wondering, what’s a coffee cozy? Think of a typical drink cozy, but more chic. I purchased my coffee cozy from Catherine Mason by Ashlen. Her coffee cozies are knitted of beautiful colored yarn that is very soft to the touch, there are 59 color options for yarn. Catherine Mason produces several differing designs. The cozies are embellished with an adorable felt, embroidered patch. I’m a huge Disney fan and my favorite character is Princess Jasmine. So my mom knew purchasing me the Princess Jasmine coffee cozy was an immediate win. Most Catherine Mason’s designs are Disney themed; However, she also offers cozies featuring bows, hearts, flowers and sayings like “#nurselife” or “Boss Babe”. The cozies fit both hot and cold disposable cups in different sizes. You can also use the cozies for cans and water bottles. They’re convenient to keep in your purse for when you’re out and about to grab a coffee. They also make very thoughtful gifts.

Morning Coffee and Laughs:

Macbook with my coffee and youtube video playing

One of my absolute favorite things to do in the morning is grab a warm blanket, my MacBook, a cup of coffee and catch up on my favorite Youtubers. I watch so many different Youtubers, it is hard to keep up sometimes. It’s like watching a real-life, more personal reality show with updates either weekly or daily. I tend to gravitate towards the channels that make me laugh. Three youtube channels that I love to to watch are Mamrie Hart’s channel is “You Deserve a Drink”, Hannah Hart’s “MyHarto” and Grace Helbig (who tends not to go by her channel name) “Graciehinabox”. These three best friends, when paired together, come out with hilarious content. I love to sip on my coffee and watch their videos, even though I almost spit it out everywhere because I’m laughing so hard.

Coffee with a Side of Cookie:

One of my absolute favorite places to get coffee is at local cafés. The coffee always tastes extremely fresh, and offer classic brews you just can’t get at Dunkin’ Donuts. Best part, is usually these Cafés serve fresh baked assorted pastries. I tend to always choose a fresh baked cookie. I find chocolate chip cookies to be the perfect pairing with either a hot or cold coffee. Some yummy local cafés I love to hit up for a coffee and a cookie are Blue Moon Bagel Cafe and Caffè Nero.

coffee and cookie at cafe

Reusable Straws:

A must for any drink, not just coffee, are reusable straws. They can travel with you, they are better for the environment and are sturdier than any plastic straw a coffee shop would provide. Sometimes you may forget them when out, but eliminating the amount of plastic straws you use is a positive start. There are many types of reusable straws. You can choose straws made of plastic, or even steel. I find that the steel metal gets cold quick with iced coffees. My favorite plastic reusable straws are the Tervis® 6-Pack 10-Inch Straight Drinking Straws. They work incredible and are easy to clean. I would suggest these affordable straws to anyone!

Reusable Straws
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