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LuMee iPhone Cases: A Revolutionary Way to Selfie & More

A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to win two LuMee iPhone XS cases. I was beyond excited, since I just got my iPhone XS. LuMee let me choose which color cases I’d like. I chose both the Rose Glitter and Black Glitter, each retailing for $69.95. The Rose Glitter is so pretty, bringing out the pinky gold of the iPhone XS. I find the Black Glitter to be less “in your face” in regards to the glitter. It’s sleek and classy. The cases are durable, with a smooth finish.  There is no chunky or loose glitter. Once I received the items, I was eager to put one of the cases on my phone. Side note: This is not a requested or sponsored post, this review will be 100% honest with you.

screen 5
screen 4

First, I was very impressed with the packaging. You can slide the packaging open, no need for scissors. The contents include the case itself, charging cord for the rechargeable battery and a wrist strap. It even comes with a wrist strap. Personally, I don’t think I will use that; However, if you’re someone who drops your phone often, this is a neat addition. On LuMee’s website, they note this case can pass-through wireless phone charging. Which is great for those who cant live without their wireless charger, this phone case will not get in the way!

The case also has a one year limited warranty. This is awesome to see as a consumer since life happens, iPhones drop. LuMee explains on their site that this case has strong protection. I could tell this on my own just by the case’s weight and coverage. I love how protected the iPhone camera is. The camera is in its own little dome, no drop is going to shatter that lens!

I do wish there was a little more protection at the bottom of the phone. However, I like how the exposed bottom allows you to see the true gold of the phone. Additionally, the case positions the phone at a considerable height, providing protection. In the below picture, you’ll notice the phone is not even close to touching the countertop.

I was a little concerned when I first put this case on my phone. The case is on the heavier side and did increase my phone’s weight. Despite my initial concern, I quickly got used to the case. I’ve come to enjoy how sturdy and secure my phone feels inside the case. This is not a flimsy case by any means. Think of it creating a barrier around your phone, giving you peace of mind incase of an accidental drop. We all know that happens far too often. 


The case is also extremely easy to put on and take off. This may not sound like a priority , but one of my pet peeves is when an iPhone case is near impossible to put on or take off.  I’m sure you’ve been there too. 

In regards to the cases’s appearance, I appreciate that both the button to turn on the LuMee light and the LuMee logo truly blend into the case’s overall glittery design. Many cases I’ve had in the past use obnoxiously bold and noticeable lettering to spell out the brandname on the case. That is not a cute look to me. The LuMee Logo is seamless and barely noticeable.  

The LuMee case lights are extremely bright. If you suspect the case having a lame light, think again. However, there are more options other than full brightness. LuMee’s site explains the case also has a ‘Variable Dimmer With Tapering Light Technology”. You hold the button in to progressively dim the light. This provides several lighting options. On one charge, the case is able to provide 30 minutes of studio lighting at full brightness. If you’re planning to use the case’s studio lighting to record a more lengthy video, LuMee perfect for you. Even if you plan to just take a series of studio lit pictures, or a couple video clips here and there, one charge will definitely go a long way!



Did you think I’d leave you without a picture by picture comparison? Browse the pictures below to see the differences!

LED & Brightly Natural Lit Room- Front LuMee Light (Selfie)

Not Using LuMee Case
Using LuMee Case's Dimmed Light Option
Using LuMee Case's Full Brightness Option

Looking at the above selfies, the differences are decently noticeable in both my makeup and coloring. These selfies were taken in a room with natrual light from windows, as well as LED lights being on. In the photo not using the LuMee case, my highlight is not as prominent and “glowing”. I feel the photo using the case’s full brightness, depicts a smoother complexion, as well as a little more peachy coloring, which I love!

Darker, Natural Lit Room- Front LuMee Light (Selfie)

Not Using LuMee Case
Using LuMee Case's Dimmed Light Option
Using LuMee Case's Full Brightness Option

The difference in this comparison is far more drastic. The room had no lights on, but natural light from a nearby window did seep in. You can tell from the first photo, not using the LuMee case, is dark. There is also a prominent iPhone shadow cast on my face. My makeup looks dull. In the second photo, using LuMee’s dimmed light option, the picture is brighter and my makeup glow is much better than the first photo. The shadow is not completely gone, but it is far less noticeable. The third photo is 100% the best. My hair is shiny and bright, my makeup is prominent and the shadow is completely gone. It does not appear that I’m in a darker lit room. 

LED Lit Room- Back LuMee Light

Not Using LuMee Case
Using LuMee Case's Dimmed Light Option
Using LuMee Case's Full Brightness Option

I showed you selfies, but also wanted to depict object photographed with the case’s back light. This object is a wooden sign I have in my office. They are pictured with my LED lights on. The difference in brightness between all three photos is clear. The lettering is more illuminated in the second and third photograph. The first photograph looks slightly washed out to me. The shadows behind the sign are more present in the second and third photo, using the LuMee case. I feel this effect allows you to focus more on the featured object. 

Natural Lit Room- Back LuMee Light

Not Using LuMee Case
Using LuMee Case's Dimmed Light Option
Using LuMee Case's Full Brightness Option

Then I turned the LED lights off, and only allowed natural light from my office windows to come in. The above object is an adorable fake cactus in a terracotta heart pot.  Again, the difference in brightness between all three photos is quite clear. In the first photo, the item is darker,  and you’re not getting the best coloring from the item. The second photo is a perfect combination of studio light and natural light. The coloring is better and the background is more illuminated. The third photo is so bright, showing off the truest to life colorig. The green of the cacti is brighter, the terracotta is matte unlike in the other photos, and the wood in the back is more saturated. 

Overall, the LuMee case truly changes the selfie game. When used outside during a sunny day, the difference in photos were unnoticeable. At night however, I found the came to really come through better than if I was to simply use flash. This case is definitely best used in darker setting, where a studio light can brighten up the scene. I also find selfies to have a smoother complexion that makes my skin look more flawless (who doesn’t want that?). I still have this case on my phone, after a week, and haven’t had to charge it once. I find myself using the LuMee case frequently to take snapchats in darker rooms. I love the way my makeup and skin look using this case. Plus, it also works as a great flashlight when you need it! 

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