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Retro Caboodles Meets Modern Storage

Growing up, Caboodles were extremely trendy. If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, I’m sure you can attest to this. I had a couple Caboodles when I was younger; where I stored anything from pens & pencils, to hair accessories. They provided easy storage for all ages. I visited the Caboodles website to learn a little more history. I discovered shortly after their launch in 1987, Caboodles truly took off. Individuals involved in the beauty industry flocked to get Caboodles to store their makeup and beauty tools. While those obsessed with organization, found Caboodles to be a whimsical way to store just about anything. According to Caboodles’ website, the design is inspired by a tackle box. I especially can attest to this since I love to fish and am familiar with a standard tackle box. Although Caboodles have always been on my radar, last year they truly made a triumphant come back. I’ve seen them everywhere in stores and online. I instantly wanted a fun new color of these storage heroes. 

Luckily for me, my mom and best friend listened. I was gifted two matching Caboodles this past Christmas. I received the Caboodles On-The-Go Girl™ Classic Case in Solid Lavender (retailing at $19.99) and the Caboodles Take It™ Touch-Up Tote in Solid Lavender (retailing at $10). Both of these have a combined price of $30. How can you beat it?

I was ecstatic when I received these. This Lavender Cream color is one of my all time favorites. If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog, you might’ve seen me gush over my Lavender Cream Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Purple is my go-to color. Being a spring baby, I think lavender is the perfect color to get you excited for spring time!

Now, let’s get down to organization with these caboodles. The On-The-Go Girl™ Caboodles is decently sized at 13.38” x 8.88” x 6.5”. The outside of the Caboodles has that smooth plastic feel. The plastic is on the thicker side, which prevents the overall case from being flimsy. The Caboodles colorful, retro logo can be seen on the round snap, and on the bottom right-hand side. The round snap is extremely well-made and sturdy. The tight snap will keep the contents secure, never letting the Caboodles to involuntarily open when being carried around. You can easily carry around this case by the white, plastic handle. The Caboodles, before being filled with items, is approximately 1.5 pounds. Not heavy at all. 

When I first opened up this On-The-Go Girl™ Caboodles, I was greeted by the auto-open tray. This tray quickly, and smoothly, opens as soon as toy opwn the Caboodles itself. This nice feature, requires no effort or assembly to activate the tray. 

The tray offers additional storage. There is an open vertical compartment that is perfect for fitting longer items that would not fit vertically standing in the bottom storage area. Also on the tray, there is a rectangular compartment that can be closed by a snap-in-place lid. If you open the closed compartment, you are greeted by a decent sized mirror and a removable accessory tray. This section is perfect for fragile makeup or accessories, as they can be safely enclosed by the snap lid. This prevents items from flying around everywhere. If interested in more space, you can even remove the accessory tray. 

As you can see in the below photos, I was able to easily store a large amount and variety of items. There are 30+ items in the below pictures. Items range from full-size to travel-size. There’s perfume, skincare, a variety of makeup products, makeup palettes, beauty tools & brushes, jewelry, haircare & accessories, and nail polish. If I really wanted to, I could’ve stored even more items on top of other products. 

Vertical compartment on the left.
Picture features accessory tray.
Snap lid closed.

The bottom of the Caboodles itself offers the most spacious area. It has a depth of about 3”. This is awesome for stacking up makeup palettes. The length of the space is about 11”, so naturally you can fit longer palettes, makeup brushes, hair tools and etc. The possibilities are endless!

As I previously mentioned, the photos below feature the accessory tray removed. Keep in mind, all the items pictured still fit with the accessory tray intact. 

Now onto the Caboodles Take It™ Touch-Up Tote. What I love about this is the convenient size. It is much smaller than the Caboodles On-The-Go Girl. This particular Caboodles is 8.3” x 5” x1.94”. It weighs 4 ounces, or .25 pounds. Like the On-The-Go Girl Caboodles, the outside features a well-made round snap adorned with the retro Caboodles logo. This is definitely a snap-tight lid. The logo can also be seen on the top of the Caboodle, on the right. 

This Caboodle also offers an auto-open tray, which offers another compartment to organize items. There is a good sized mirror inside as as well. 

This item is small enough that you could through it in a purse, duffel bag or back pack with all your makeup essentials. I find this item to be more sound than a cloth makeup case, because you know your products are incased inside sturdy, hard plastic. If you wanted to, you could even fit this inside the the On-The-Go Girl case for storage of the two whilst not traveling, or if you want to travel with them together. I think personally I’m apt to use them as makeup storage whilst I’m not taking them on the go, and when I do take them not he go switching out for the products I want to take with me. 

I was easily able to fit 13 items easily. Since this is on the smaller size, overfilling it prevents the case itself from closing. I’m sure if I tried, I could fit a couple more products. All I can say is, CABOODLES AWAY! 

**Not Sponsored, all content and opinions conveyed are my own**

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  1. Diane Anderson says:

    Another great blog Olivia I can see myself getting one of these in the near future. XOXO

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