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Minty Fresh Paper Supplies with My Paper Box

I’ve always had a love for paper, office and school supplies. There are hundreds of paper supply options adding personality to your lists, notes, letters, cards and etc. In the days of texting and emailing, hand-written documents are quite personal. So why not make your paper supplies personal too? Luckily, I’ve been able to achieve this with My Paper Box.


My Paper Box mixes two of my favorite things: paper supplies and monthly subscriptions. I love how monthly subscriptions keep the mail exciting. Currently, I receive the Grand Subscription Paper Box. This specific subscription is priced at $23.75 per month. The shipping box comes personalized, so you know immediately that your My Paper Box has arrived. This is a personal detail I appreciate because it makes the box special. I can even recycle the box for another use, since it has my name on it!

Prior to receiving my first package, I let My Paper Box know which name I’d prefer on my paper products. I could’ve gone with Liv, but decided to opt for my full name. The Grand Subscription Paper Box is extremely personalized. A majority of your items come with your name on them.


Each month, My Paper Box ships out products that are part of an overarching “monthly theme”. Sidebar: My Paper Box also offers a Mini Subscription Paper Box option for only $9.16 per month. This includes a set of 3 personalized notepads.

I received my first My Paper Box subscription last month, themed for March. I appreciate receiving it  towards the end of February, instead of half way through March. Now I have the entire month to enjoy the March-themed items.

I was beyond thrilled to open the box. Instantly, I noticed the cute packaging. I was greeted with black, polka dot tissue paper and a little note card “Welcoming Me” to March. As I dove into the box, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I received 10+ items in the box all coming together to be a part of one theme. The theme for March is, drumroll please…..MINT. Each item related to the theme in some way. It’s represented through graphics of cocktails with mint, clever mint puns and minty green colors. I found this to be the perfect theme for March. When I think of March, I instantly think green because of St. Patrick’s Day. My Paper Box really nailed this theme! They made me excited for springtime…and mint mojitos!  

Now the fun part, walking you through each of the items. This month, the box came with a pop-up March calendar. It’s the perfect size for my work desk. The front features a monthly outlook calendar, personalized with my name. The  back features an uplifting pun: “You Are Mint to Do Great Things“. It makes me happy to see this each day on my  desk.  

Another item I find extremely useful is the bills tracker. Adorned with lemons, the booklet cleverly says “When Life Gives You Lemons You Pay Bills”. Let’s be honest, no one likes to pay bills. However, it’s a way of life. Why not make it somewhat enjoyable? This booklet does just that! Not only is it adorable, but it’s an efficient organization tool. Nothing’s worse than forgetting if you paid a certain bill. This booklet is the perfect tool to remind you of what has, or hasn’t, been paid yet.

When you open the booklet, there is a chart listing the following headings: Paid, Expense/Bill, Amount, Due Date, Balance and Date Paid. At the top, there is also a section where you can write in which month the bill tracking is for. This chart is truly going to help me stay organized financially. Each page has lemon graphics on the background. There are 10 pages to this item, so you could track bills with this for the next ten months!

Simply adding to the overall adorableness, this box included two card and envelope sets. Again, each of the sets have a wonderful pun. There are four cards/envelopes total. The cards cover just about any life moment you’d be apt to send someone a card for. There is “Congratulations on Your Achieve Mints”, “Here’s a Little Encourage Mint”, “Congrats on Your Retire Mint” and “Congratulations on Your Engagement”. I love the cards that have the graphics of cocktails. Too cute! If I personally received one of these cards, I’d be taken aback with how unique they are. Some cards can be generic and boring. These cards actually add a sense of flair to the card-giving game. I absolutely can’t wait to send these out! 

Who doesn’t LOVE stickers? I’ve mentioned before in a past blog post how much stickers bring me back to my childhood. They add an element of fun to truly anything. This month’s subscription included two sticker sets with 6 stickers each. They depict clever sayings such as “Mint Just for You”, “Drinks On Me”, “Hey Sweetness” and “I <3 Snail Mail”. You could add these fun stickers to cards, gift wrapping, your agenda or even on a clear tech case for your phone or laptop. 

Next, the To Do list/Checklist booklet is top notch. The To Do list pages have a blank page format, whilst the checklist pages are more pre-formatted into a list. The pun on the front of the booklet is highly fitting for any list: “Things I Mint To Do”. This item is thin and travel friendly. Perfect  writing your lists and taking them with you on the go. Plus, it eliminates the probable of occurrence of loosing your tiny scrap paper list.

I think everyone should have one of these. One of my favorite ways to stay organized is by making  To Do lists and checklists. For example, whenever I’m traveling somewhere (close or far), I make a checklist for packing. If I don’t, I promise you I’ll forget something essential like my contact case. Another example, if I’m going to the grocery store I make a checklist with what to pick up. You might be asking yourself, why not make a list on my phone? Yes, that’s convenient too, but there’s something satisfying about having a tangible list.  This is cheesy, but I absolutely love the feeling of checking something off the list. It not only keeps me productive, but also checking something off gives me a sense of achievement. I find To Do lists or checklists to be really good for people, like myself, who get anxious when faced with a bunch of tasks. Lists do a terrific job of keeping me inspired and focused.

Another item I was happy to receive was the notepad. The notepad is the perfect size. At the top, you’ll also notice the personalization detail with my name. I feel this notepad can be used for just about anything. I plan to take this to work, using it to jot down notes in a meeting or when taking a phone message.


Even more exciting was the gel pen. Gel pens, again, bring me back to my childhood days. I owned gel pens in every color under the sun. This particular gel pen has silver glitter, sparkle finish; So my style! This is my new go-to pen at work! 

Finally, we get to the fancy note cards. I find these notecards to be more professional, than leaving a plain sticky note on your colleague’s desk. The note card stays true to the color theme. The note card also features a pun:  “You Are Mint to Do Great Things”. If you write anyone a note on this, they’re going to appreciate it. My name is personalized at the bottom; anyone I write a note to on this, will know the note was from me! The note cards were clipped together with 2 colorful binder clips, with smile face cut out. What a thoughtful touch to this item. 

As an individual who works in an office, and uses stationary at home, the My Paper Box subscription is perfect. I enjoyed each item, and know I will be using all of them. I would highly suggest purchasing this subscription and adding some whimsical stationary  to your life. 

**Not a Sponsored Post: All content and opinions conveyed are my own**

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  1. Vozzie says:

    truly mintificent

  2. Diane says:

    What a great subscription so much for the $$$. I especially love the financial organizer. Now let’s get some Mojitos with plenty of Mint soon 🤣

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