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Wearing Watches for an Entire Work Week

In a world where watches are almost obsolete, less and less individuals wear watches. Today, most of us get our time from smart watches, digital time on the computer, smartphone clocks, fitness trackers, etc. Something about this saddens me; watches are such a lovely accessory. 


Whether you prefer digital or dial watches, there’s a mind-boggling amount of options available. My favorite types are fancy and delicate, appearing like jewelry. 


As someone who wears jewelry everyday, I decided to replace bracelets with watches for the week, with the intent of matching them to my outfit and other jewelry. I wanted to make a statement to myself, proving watches are still a timeless accessory. 

I love how the silver resin band shines!

On Day #1, I went with an oldie, but goodie. There was a time when G-Shock watches were a thing. I remember wanting this desperately. I was beyond thrilled when I received it as a Christmas gift. This is the CASIO-Baby G Ladies Purple Dial Watch-BG1006SA-8ER. It features a metallic, silver resin band. The face is purple with a retro background texture that gives it a sparkly effect. Some cool aspects to note: It’s shock resistant (protecting against impact and vibration), 100M water resistant (that’s over 300 ft deep!), has 48-city world time, stopwatch function, daily alarm/hourly time signal with snooze function, auto calendar and mineral glass (scratch resistant). When you press the button with the “G” symbol, the watch illuminates blue which makes it easily to read in darker environments. I’ve had this piece for years, and haven’t had to change the battery once! I find this watch is a sporty accessory for the active, girl on-the-go. 

Accessories have to match the outfit!

On Day #2, I decided to accessorize with a dial watch new to my collection; the Timex Metropolitan with Leather Strap. I feel this is more fashionable than the sporty G-Shock. The leather strap is a beautiful monochromatic gray color. The metal features are a warm, rose gold-tone. I feel the rose-gold gives this piece a fancy-edge. Rose gold is definitely on-trend in today’s accessory world. The watch’s face is a classic round shape. As far as the capabilities, it’s water resistant up to 30m (almost 100ft!). Don’t sweat it if you drop it in the sink. The watch is lightweight, making it extremely comfortable on the wrist. I could see people wearing this for long periods of time at work, without the need to adjust it. The watch is fashionable enough to transfer from day, into  night. The textured background gives me “weaved basket” vibes, so sophisticated. If I had a work event, or a day where I was dressing professionally, I would definitely grab this piece. 

Take note of the basket weave background.

On Day #3, I wore a bohemian watch with “jewelry-like” accents. The metal accents are in a rich gold-tone color. The back is stainless steel, which is sturdy and will not tarnish. Like the Timex watch, the face is medium-sized, with a classic round shape. I appreciate how this piece has a thick layer of glass over the face, which makes it feel solid. It’s a dial, not digital. This watch shines so beautifully, the picture doesn’t do it justice. 

Braided strap featuring a gold-tone chain.

When you look at the watch, you can’t help but notice the adorable elephant graphic. The elephant, bright colors and braided strap screams bohemian to me.  he hands are black which makes them ‘pop’ against the metallic gold. 



The watch strap is a geometric, braided design. The strap has ties to close it on the wrist. When I tie the watch on my wrist, I make a cute little bow. I find the tassels that hang down to be adorable. The watch feature that particularly sticks out to me is the gold-tone chain. The chain travels along the strap’s edges. This feature looks like a jewelry chain, mixing watch and jewelry elements together. I’ve never seen a design like this before. Wearing this piece makes me feel stylish. I received this watch as a gift, so I cannot find the exact watch online for you to buy. However, I found an almost identical-style watch for under $20.00! 

A bow adds such a cute element to this watch.

With Day #4, I had a desire to go more vintage. I sported a vintage Mickey Mouse watch by Lorus. If you Google this, you might be able to find it on eBay or a secondhand selling site. On first observation, you’ll notice the classic black leather band. This watch is a different than the others with its rectangular face. Again, the metal features are gold-tone, but with more of a brassy look. The hands on the watch are Mickey Mouse’s arms; adding to the overall whimsy. I find this perfect for daily wear, especially a trip to Walt Disney World. As a huge Disney fan, I love discovering ways to incorporate Disney accessories into my daily outfits. Plus, this watch is vintage, which means I’m unlikely to see others sporting it. Although the watch is specialized, this goes with many outfits. It’s traditional, but highly chic at the same time. This is perfect for individuals of all ages, especially with its unisex style. You can’t get more classic than a vintage Mickey watch. I also want to note how much I love the roman numeral numbers featured; this adds a classy element to the watch itself. 

Mickey's hands are the watch's dials.

On Day #5, I asked my mom if I could borrow her dial Citizen watch. She got this several years ago, so I’m unable to find the exact match for sale online. If you are looking for a close match from Citizen, the Citizen AXIOM watch is extremely similar. The unique silver-tone band is made of a strong stainless steel. I have yet to see a watch band like this. It’s chunky, but not heavy. The links remind me of horse bits. There’s something seamless about how this watch opens. To open the watch band for removal, you simply press the two side buttons and it’ll smoothly pop open. The watch’s face has a pearlescent sheen which looks mesmerizing in the light. I find this to be very delicate and feminine.

I can't get over the luster of this watch!

The most fascinating aspect is the watch’s Eco-Drive technology. You might be wondering, what is Eco-Drive technology? Well, this watch is solely powered by light. Whether the light is from indoor, or outdoors, it’ll charge the watch. It is  eco-friendly because it NEVER needs a battery.  I love this sophisticated take on the earthy trend of solar power. 

Press the two side buttons to open the watch's closure.

I truly loved wearing these different watches for the week. I forgot how much I love them since I don’t wear them often. I think it’s awesome to use pieces like these as an accessory for your daily outfit. 

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