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Liv’s Favorite Trader Joe’s Wines: Sophistication at a Bargain

Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) is undoubtedly my favorite place to run grocery errands. I feel this way especially on the weekends, as they offer some awesome food and drink samples (it’s worth battling the weekend crowds). At TJ’s, it’s almost too easy to find some unique items, that quickly become household favorites. From the amazing Speculoos Cookie Butter, to the addicting World’s Puffiest White Cheddar Corn Puffs, TJ’s has some top-level snacking options. Besides the incredible food choices, their wine selection is unreal in both taste and price. 

Picking out wine at Trader Joe’s is no easy task. They have a huge wine selection, with numerous varieties. There are even some “TJ’s Exclusives”, meaning it’s the only place to purchase that specific wine. I’m fortunate to say that I’ve gone to TJ’s enough times to try my fair share of their wines. I get enjoyment from trying out something new each time. Although the wine experimenting is fun, I definitely have my “fan faves” that I repeatedly buy. This weekend I decided to take a wine run, picking up my top three favorite wine choices from TJ’s. 

An Exciting Wine Run at Trader Joe's

#1 Sara Bee Moscato

Sara Bee Moscato with a Plate of Desserts

My all-time favorite TJ’s wine is the Sara Bee Moscato. This wine is by far one of the best Moscatos I’ve ever drank. Sara Bee Moscato is sweet, with strong notes of honey and melon. As I prefer, this wine isn’t sickeningly sweet. When I drink Moscato, I don’t want it to taste like flat soda. The wine introduces you  with a fresh, bitterness reminiscent of grapefruit. If I was to classify the best way to consume Sara Bee Moscato, I’d consider it a dessert wine. The sweet and crisp flavors compliment rich sweets like Snowball Cookies or fine milk chocolate. I drank this while indulging in some Baklava. Let me say, the honey notes in both the Moscato and Baklava, made it an extremely delicious and unexpected pairing. Personally, I find it extremely easy to drink, going down smooth and soft. It’s a perfect wine to cap off dinner, preferably with a dessert if possible. 

Sara Bee Moscato Display at Trader Joe's..a TJ's Exclusive!

Sara Bee Moscato is kosher, which is a nice touch for individuals following that restriction. At $5.99, you cannot go wrong trying this wine. If you need to stock up on wine for a gift, or a party, it won’t break the bank! You can definitely have a few glasses as it has an ABV of 5%. 

Take Notice of Sara Bee's Alluring Champagne Coloring

#2 Secco Peach Bellini

Secco's Peach Bellini is a Springtime Classic

My runner-up for top favorite TJ’s wine is Secco’s Peach Bellini. The first attribute that really prompted me to try this wine, is it’s absolutely gorgeous color. Believe it or not, in the above photo, that gorgeous pinky-peach color is the Bellini itself. Secco’s Peach Bellini is a sparkling wine beverage, giving it some nice bubble to it. The wine is sweet, citrusy and fruity. Alongside the obvious peach notes, are both orange and lemon. There’s actual fruit pulp in the wine, which captures a much appreciated freshness. It is lovely to pair this with creamy cheeses like in a cucumber & cream cheese tea sandwich; or creamy sauces like hollandaise and sweeter fats like bacon or ham. Secco’s Peach Bellini and Eggs Benedict is a heavenly pairing. That being said, this wine is perfect brunch beverage. If you’re having an Easter Brunch this holiday season, consider picking up this refreshing beverage. 

Secco's Peach Bellini..also a TJ's Exclusive!

The wine is $5.99 as well; an incredible bargain. The flavor profile is quite exquisite for a wine under $10! It has an ABV of 8%, so a little higher than the Sara Bee Moscato. You can feel comfortable having a few glasses of either wines. Again, you can only get this at TJ’s. The store offers other Secco products that are fizzy, brunch-themed and just as scrumptious. Secco offers a Mango Mangocini, Grapefruit Pompelini and Strawberry & Raspberry Rossini all at the same price of $5.99. Who says you can’t do a high-end brunch, cheap? 


#3 Secco Cranberry

Secco's Cranberry and my New Trader Joe's $0.99 Wine Bag

My third favorite is also by Secco. Secco’s Cranberry wine is a must-try at TJ’s. Besides the enchanting red color, the wine has several favorable attributes that place it in my top three. The cranberry flavoring brings out a sugary tartness. Although the wine is sweet, don’t be fooled! It’s not as sweet as standard cranberry juice. The bitterness works well with the carbonated sweet wine, to provide a sophisticated beverage. The cranberry flavoring is quite bold, we aren’t talking a small hint. This is considered a holiday wine, but I feel it’s perfect year-round. The wine pairs well with poultry and vegetables, such as potatoes and asparagus.

This Wine's Crimson Color is Beautiful

Find yourself needing some wine for a dinner party? Look no further! Also retailing for $5.99, Secco’s Cranberry wine provides an affordable, but impressive, option. Trust me, you’ll find yourself picking up more than one bottle. Be ready to wow your guests with this one at dinner. Similar to the Peach Bellini, this has an ABV of 8%. 

Secco's Cranberry...Yet Another TJ's Exclusive!

It’s hard to believe that purchasing all three TJ’s wines costs under $20! I highly suggest not only picking these specific wines up, but also utilizing TJ’s incredible wine prices to discover new favorites. 

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