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Spring Nail Colors, Yes Please

Nothing makes me feel more put-together than having a freshly done manicure. At the end of the day, an “on-point” manicure does wonders for my confidence. I equally love getting my nails done professionally, as I do painting them myself. I find it relaxing to sit down and take some time for self-care, focusing all my energy on the task at hand…literally. Deciding on a color to paint my nails, is one of the best parts! I’m not afraid to try bold colors. There isn’t a rulebook stating when you can, or cannot, wear a specific nail color. That being said, there are certain colors that feel most fitting during a specific season. For example, I wouldn’t be opposed to wearing a hot pink polish in the fall, but I feel it’s more of a summer shade. Speaking of season-specific colors, there’s been a couple polishes I’ve been loving this Spring. One polish in particular, may even surprise you.  

ESSIE | "In The Cab-Ana"

In general, Essie’s “In The Cab-Ana” is one of my all-time favorite nail colors. When I paint my nails, or get them done, I tend to gravitate towards jewel-tone and cool colors; blues and purples specifically. This color is absolutely gorgeous. It’s both pastel and bright! I only need to apply two coats to get this awesomely vibrant shade to show up. I enjoy this color during springtime because it reminds me of a classic spring image, robin eggs. When you see a robin, you know spring is approaching. Being a spring baby, born the first week of May, I jump right into spring color in my clothes, accessories and makeup.


Essie’s polishes are known for their easy application and great durability. Whenever I wear Essie polishes, I’m always pleased with how long it lasts before experiencing any chipping. The brush is small and sturdy, which gives me a lot of control eliminating any painting of the skin. This polish is free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde. The product amount is a little more than 13 ml. Essie is a very affordable nail polish that you can get at any local drugstore. For example, you can get this exact polish at Rite Aid with a member price of $6.30, when it originally retails for $9.00. Take advantage of this deal, while you can! 


Sometimes I find myself straying far away from dark nail shades during the spring. Spring is the time for anything and everything pastels. However, I found the perfect exception to the rule. Trust Fund Beauty offers a color called “I Kaled It”. Yes, this is a very dark, forest green color which might surprise you. It’s color reminds me of an immaculate, deep emerald. I appreciate the fact that this color only needs one coat to provide a beautifully deep color. I feel this shade is perfect for spring. Why? Because in spring, everything is blooming and green! The color captures the essence of new life in nature emerging as the months get warmer. What I love about this polish is that it’s a 5-free, vegan nail polish. 5-free means the polish is void of nasty chemicals including formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin and camphor. So you can feel good about using this polish. This specific nail polish includes 17 ml of product, which is more than the typical bottle of polish. Retailing for $15.00, it’s a little pricer than the average nail polish bottle, but I HIGHLY recommend it. I actually received this in my ipsy subscription, you can learn more about ipsy in a past post of mine. If you’re interested in purchasing this polish, you can buy it here

KOKIE COSMETICS | "Fresh Picked"

A newly favorite nail polish brand of mine, that I discovered again through ipsy, is Kokie Cosmetics. Kokie Cosmetics offers a large array of nail polish colors. One of the best colors I’ve received is the shade “Fresh Picked”. This color is so sweet and delicate. It reminds me of a soft, baby pink flower; like a Peony or Cherry Blossom…both blooming in…you guessed it…spring! I adore the matte-like finish this particular polish has. Don’t get me wrong, I love my glittery nail polishes, but there is something modern and sophisticated about matte colors. Overall, I find light pinks to be a key color for spring with their pastel likeness and floral reminders. Please keep in mind, that patience is key with this color. It does take a few coats to truly get the beautiful matte, baby pink effect. 


Another aspect to the Kokie is their easily recognizable polish bottles. They have the most sleek and classy packaging. Both the glass bottle and the cap are adorned with their adorable, black elephant logo. The cap is white and black striped, which gives the polish an expensive feel. It’s crazy to me that this polish only costs $6.00! You can pick up this perfect, petal pusher polish on Kokie’s website; or for an insanely great Member Deal, at Rite Aid for only $3.49. I’ve never seen such a high quality polish like this for under $5.00. Similar to Essie, the polish is 3-Free meaning it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP. You’re also receiving a lot of product at a little over 15 ml. 

A perfect springtime treat from Trader Joe's!


Last, but the furthest from least is the color that is a true obsession for me. From my site, I’m sure you’ve noticed that lavender is by far my favorite color. features lavender accents throughout. If I could encompass everything I love about my blog in a nail polish, it would be Law Beauty Essentials’ “PURRRRPLICIOUS”. This polish is IT for me. The creamy lavender color of this shade is spring in a bottle. I adore the shade so much, that I actually set this aside for weeks knowing I was going to use it for my Easter Sunday manicure. Exactly like the earlier Trust Fund Beauty polish, this is 5-free. Law Beauty Essentials products are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Big time positives.

With 11 ml of product, it isn’t the largest bottle of polish. I don’t consider this a deal breaker, as I seem to never finish an entire bottle of polish before it gets old and goes bad. The retail price is pretty average at $9.00. Out of all the polishes, I do have to say that this one dried the quickest! As a person who has trouble sitting still, it’s key for me to have polish that dries quickly. The square cap is removable, so a smaller easier to use cap is available. I really like how flat the brush is. Most nail polishes offer rounded brushes that sometimes misses big sections of the nail and causing streaking. The flat brush allows for way more nail coverage with little streaking, which saves you much time in the end. Once again, I received this in my most recent ipsy bag. I hope at this point of the post you’re detecting a pattern and realizing how much of savings ipsy provides. I’m going to continue re-applying this polish for the rest of spring. You can pick up this polish on Law Beauty Essentials site here.

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