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Sunday Tea with Alice: A Disney Experience out of Orlando

Each year my best friend and I like to celebrate our birthdays with brunch. Since my 25th Birthday was on Thursday, I decided we should celebrate at the new Alice in the Village location at Patriot’s Place. I’ve been wanting to visit, especially since reading some awesome reviews. I love tea and Disney, so why not combine the two? This eatery seemed like the PERFECT way to celebrate a birthday. Today, we made our way to the 11:30 reservation. Come to find out, we unintentionally booked our reservation during an event at Alice in the Village. The event was the Character Dining experience with Alice. I’d consider this a happy mistake, as the event was such a fun time. In this post, I will go through my entire experience at Alice in the Village.

As I walked into Alice in the Village, I noticed the counter service. You don’t need a reservation to order coffee, tea, chai lattes, pastries, slushies, lemonade, hot chocolate and more. If you can’t get a reservation, you can still pick up some tasty items for your own tea party! The entrance also features a store filled with adorable Alice in Wonderland themed merchandise; as well as a large selection of the popular Harney and Sons fine tea blends. 

The store’s design esthetic gives you the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole, into the mystical world of Alice in Wonderland. From the Queen of Hearts Mural and throne, to the playing cards magically dancing around the room. There is no mistaking the Alice in Wonderland theme. 

For the Alice Character Dining experience, the menu was present with a delightful selection of sandwiches and freshly made treats. The experience, tea and snacks all come to a price of $25 per person. 

Tea time guests are first asked to pick their choice of tea. Each person gets their own pot of tea. After much deliberation, the amount of tea choices is overwhelming, I chose the White Vanilla Grapefruit loose leaf tea. I love the flavor of grapefruit, but was a little worried this tea would be too bitter. However, the sweet and creamy flavors of vanilla balanced the fresh citrus notes present in the tea. On your way out, you can purchase any of the offered teas for a specified price per ounce. If you’re wondering what Alice’s favorite tea is, she suggested either the black tea titled “Paris”, or the white tea “Wedding”. Paris is fruity with vanilla, caramel, lemon and Bergamot flavors. Whilst Wedding is a delicate Mutan White tea blend with lemon & vanilla flavors with a pinch of pink rosebuds and petals. 


After a short wait time, our server brought the teapots with the looseleaf tea we chose, a strainer and an hourglass sand timer. The timer was set by our server, to let us know our tea would be done steeping when the timer runs out. Feel free to ask for honey, sugar, cream or milk if interested. I found it fitting that the servers dressed as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Very fun and on-theme if you ask me.

The tiered display of sandwiches and treats was beautiful! The sandwiches were a mix of three types including Cucumber & Cream Cheese on white bread, Egg Mayonnaise on a croissant and Turkey & Swiss Cheese on a wheat bread. The Cucumber & Cream Cheese was easily my favorite. The freshly baked scones were made with chocolate chips, sprinkled with powdered sugar. The available spreads for the scones were a whipped devon cream and strawberry preserves. Moving on to the desserts, the macarons I initially figured were chocolate, but we both noticed some coffee notes in the macaron. There were tiny and cute white chocolate covered squares. Inside the squares, you were greeted with a flavorful cake. They reminded me of your typical cake pop. The cookies were a frosted shortbread, with “Eat Me” piped on them…don’t mind if I do! The tarts were Cherry and Lemon Meringue. The cherry tart was topped with yellow frosting, and a candy blue bow, to pay tribute to Alice herself. Finally, the showstopper dessert was the Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Cup, in a wonderful chocolate shell. The mousse was rich, so definitely enough to share with who you get tea with. 

Alice was a sweetheart and went around to each table multiple times to talk and take photos with guests. There was not line or rush to visit Alice. As I was celebrating my birthday, I was able to request a song. With Aladdin being my favorite Disney movie, I requested A Whole New World. She was a terrific performer, and the smiles on everyone’s face made the tea room such a happy environment. I absolutely adored my time at Alice in the Village! I would highly recommend visiting during a special event, like I did with the character dining. It adds a unique and memorable aspect to visiting the tea room. I learned these events fill up quickly! At today’s event, there were guests of all ages including adults, teens and adults with kids. Don’t get this confused with a kid-only experience. You’re never too old for a little magic! 

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(6) Comments

  1. d vozzella says:

    the truest enjoyment be not found but earned. you did well.

  2. Diane says:

    Wow that looks like such a great way to spend a Sunday. I will be making a reservation ASAP!

  3. Auntie Bobbie says:

    Very well written . Will definitely make it a must do .

    1. livinglikeliv says:

      Much love to you!

  4. Deborah T. says:

    What a coincidence ,found this tea house online and wanted to try it with my mom ,Aunt, sister ,neice,daughters and grand daughters.My mom told me it was on my second cousin’s blog.Thanks for the recommendation Liv. I will be a follower now,Deb

    1. livinglikeliv says:

      Hi Deb, so awesome to hear, thank you for subscribing! This tea room was fabulous, and perfect for a large crowd as you mentioned. Each of you, no matter what age, will get so much enjoyment out of visiting! Wishing the best, and have fun at Alice in the Village!

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