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Dreaming of Warmer Days and Rolled Ice Cream

I’d argue that ice cream is the ultimate treat. Whether you prefer it on its own, or paired perfectly with other deserts like pastries, cake, or pies, ice cream is that perfect everyday sweet. We’ve all experienced this heavenly dessert prepared in different flavor profiles, from sweet to savory. I once sampled butter ice cream with lobster meat pieces in it…but that’s a whole different blog. Regardless, I bet the first thing that comes to mind about ice cream shops are their flavor choices and toppings. However, have you ever considered eating a different style of it? I’m not talking about your typical scoop or swirl of soft serve. I can confidently say the most interesting and fun ways I’ve ever eaten it, is “rolled”.

Rolled ice cream’s technical name is Thai Ice Cream Rolls, or stir-fried ice cream. It’s a fairly new trend. This style originates from Thailand, as it’s a traditional street food option. Rolled ice cream is extremely cool, no pun intended, as it offers more of an interactive experience. At Juicy Spot Cafe, located in Boston’s Chinatown, they craft the rolls right in front of you. This makes the wait go by quickly, adding a sense of fun. The servers take the cream base of your choice, and pour it onto their  sub-zero, anti-griddle. You’re able to choose from several signature rolls that the cafe offers. Before the cream base mixture starts to freeze up too much on the cold griddle, the server will incorporate items like fruit or chocolates into the mixture. As you watch the mixture harden, they begin to flatten the icy dessert very thinly, with a metal spatula. Once the mixture is thinly spread, the servers begin rolling it into tight, perfectly rolled segments.

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My favorite rolled ice cream flavor at Juicy Spot Cafe is part of their signature rolls, and called the Ferre-Roll Rocher. A Ferrero Rocher is made up of chocolate, crispy wafers and hazelnuts. This signature roll takes much inspiration from a traditional Ferrero Rocher. The base of this ice cream is made up of the cafe’s original base and Nutella. This gives it that rich chocolate and hazelnut flavor. After the rolls are made crafted, it’s delicately topped with crushed wafers, chopped hazelnuts and finished with a luxurious Nutella drizzle. 

The ice cream is priced at approximately $8, after tax. This may seem a little on the pricier side, however, I feel this is justified; A lot more effort goes into making this rolled masterpiece. It’s not a simple scoop into a cone or dish, as you’d witness at a traditional ice cream shop. The price is appropriate for the type and amount of product, you’re receiving. If I was to describe this treat, I’d say it has more of a hard, chewy texture. It also takes a little longer for the ice cream to melt in your mouth. It is important to note that you don’t lose the sweet and creaminess, despite the unique way in which it’s prepared. This particular signature roll seriously tastes like eating a frozen Ferrero Rocher. The flavor is all in the Nutella, hazelnuts and crispy wafers.


If this particular roll sounds as if it wouldn’t be your first choice, there are several other signature rolls at Juicy Spot Cafe. To name a few, there is a Watermelon Lychee which is the original base mixed with Lychee and topped with watermelon, granola, Mochi and dressed with a condensed milk drizzle; Chocolate Chip Espresso is made of from the original base, espresso and chocolate chip cookie, topped with chocolate espresso grinds, whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle; the Razzle Dazzle is a little different from the others since it has a yogurt base with raspberry, and then topped with blueberries, pomegranate and a raspberry drizzle; for any sweet-tooth, the Cookie Butter is made with the original base and cookie butter, topped with whipped cream, Speculoos cookie, cinnamon and cookie butter drizzle; or maybe you’d be into the Good Crazy Matcha which has a green tea base mixed with Oreo and topped with Mochi, grass jelly and finished with a condensed milk drizzle.


At the Boston Juicy Spot Cafe location, you are unable to make your own creation. At the New York locations, you have this ability. Hopefully, Boston will allow for this eventually because I think this would be an awesome option. Despite this, I feel trying rolled ice cream is definitely something I’d recommend. It’s a different, unique and delicious frozen treat experience. 

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  1. Don V. says:

    Would ice cream by any other name not taste the same?

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