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A Whole New World of Aladdin Finds

It’s no secret, Aladdin is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. Hearing about the filming of a live action version, I was excited and nervous. I was worried I’d be disappointed, since the film holds such a big place in my heart. Having ended up viewing an early screening this week of Aladdin, I can simply say, I’m beyond thrilled with this rendition! The cast, costumes, makeup and storyline was superb. It was done incredibly! If you have not see the movie yet, I highly suggest you do!


With the movie coming out, there was also an influx of Aladdin theme products on the market. From clothing, accessories, jewelry and home decor, the Aladdin merch has been REAL good! That being said, of course I had to get my hands on some Aladdin-themed products. 

The Disney Aladdin Collection by M·A·C

Discovering MAC Cosmetics was releasing an Aladdin Collection in honor of the new film, had me counting down the days until I could buy it. I had to budget myself, so I didn’t purchase the entire collection. It’s just unrealistic price-wise. However, I did buy the four items I really had my eyes on: The MAC lipstick in the shade “Princess incognito”, the Crystal Glaze Gloss in “#1 Wish”, the Princess Jasmine Eyeshadow Palette and the powder blush in the shade “Always One Jump Ahead”.

Lipstick in Princess Incognito

I’ve always been a fan of MAC Cosmetics lipsticks. The formula is buttery and feels soothing on the lips. The color is also long-lasting. When I saw the collection had four limited-edition lipstick shades, I knew I was going to purchase at least one. Retailing for $20.00 each, the shades include “Friend Like Me”, “Whole New World”, “Princess Incognito” and “Rajah”. Something I want to note about MAC’s Aladdin collection, is the awesome shade names for each product. They include plays on characters and quotes from the movie. I was torn between the following: “Friend Like Me”, “Rajah” and “Princess Incognito”.  I ultimately decided to go with “Princess Incognito”. MAC describes this color as a neutral pinky-rose. I felt this was the perfect shade for me because I tend to always look for dusty rose shades.

When I tried the lipstick, after receiving it in the mail, I knew I had made the right decision. The shade is absolutely gorgeous, and flirty. As mentioned previously, the lipstick formula is buttery and glides right on the lips. This color is perfect for every day wear or to make a sultry, night-out makeup look. The packaging is pretty and expensive in appearance. The gold lipstick tube is adorned with vibrant blue peacock feather graphics. The cap and upper section of the lipstick tube spells out Disney, Aladdin and MAC. The packaging is so eye-catching, even when the lipstick runs out I’m going to display it. In the below image, you can see me sporting this lipstick shade.

Crystal Glaze Gloss in #1 Wish

lip gloss

I wasn’t going to purchase the Crystal Glaze Gloss because of how much lipgloss I have. Also, I wasn’t sure how I felt about how clear this gloss was. Upon further inspection, I noticed the gold and pink, multicolor pearl luster it has. The above, right photo that shows how mesmerizing it is. Retailing at $24, this product instantly hydrates and conditions lips while providing an unmatched shine. What’s cool about the item is whether you use it with your fingertip, or a synthetic brush, it changes its overall texture of any lip color. This adds a glossy and shimmery finish to the lip color. I think it’d be awesome to pair this with a matte lipstick. This product allows you to achieve multiple looks from one lipstick. Plus, the packaging really encompasses the colors and designs true to the movie. I also have to mention the scent. It smells like a vanilla, marshmallow dream. 

Eye Shadow X 9: Princess Jasmine

Photo May 26, 4 16 03 PM
Photo May 26, 4 14 09 PM

I have a weakness for eyeshadow palettes. I love a spread of multiple eyeshadows, all relating back to one color theme. I typically don’t like to buy eyeshadow singles, since  you get more bang for your buck with a palette. I saw the Princess Jasmine eyeshadow palette, with nine beautiful colors, and immediately added to cart. This limited-edition palette has a color scheme I would describe as smokey and earthy. MAC’s site describes how the palette represents Desert shades. I can get on-board with this, as the colors relate back to Agrabah’s desert-like environment. 


The shade names, from top left to bottom right, include “Riffraff” a mauve, “Rags to Riches” a pale gold frost, “No Ordinary Lamp” a Light rose, “Princess Jasmine” a duochrome blue green with red undertones, “Agrabah” a cool rose, “Abu!” a plum with red pearl, “Creative Copper” a peachy gold with gold shimmer, “Live the Genie Life” a gunmetal silver and “Shadowy Lady” a blackened plum. 


Of the nine shades there are 3 Mattes, 4 Frosts, 1 Lustre and 1 Veluxe Pearl finish. If you’re interested in learning more about MAC eye shadow finishes, Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous does a terrific job in explaining each one. If I had to pick my top three favorite colors, I would pick “Princess Jasmine”, Creative Copper” and “No Ordinary Lamp”. The eyeshadows are high quality, with pigment that stands out. The formulas feel great on the eyelid, and are very blend-able. I haven’t yet, but am excited to create a smokey eye with these colors. The palette retails for $35.00.

Powder Blush in Always One Jump Ahead

The product I was most excited to receive was the powder blush in “Always One Jump Ahead”. The collection has 2 powder blushes, “Your Wish is My Command” and the shade I mentioned above. I didn’t choose the darker of the two, because I felt it would be too dark for my skin tone. However, I know I could’ve made it work as a contour product. Regardless, I immediately fell in love with “Always One Jump Ahead”. It has the most stunning, luxurious golden tone coloring with gold shimmer. Once applied, this blush provides a sandy blush with a built-in highlight. The product is highly pigmented, and evenly applies to the face. This color is perfect for a summer day, unleashing shimmery, golden skin. Retailing at $35.00, this blush has a generous amount. The compact, with a mirror, is gold-tone and turquoise. The designs bring me right into the new Aladdin movie, reminding me of character costumes. The embossed Genie lamp in the blush itself, is a sweet touch for any Disney fanatic.

Oh My Disney

Magic Carpet Pool Float

Earlier this month, I was gifted the Magic Carpet Pool Float for my birthday from my awesome, Disney-loving Aunt. The float made me want to jump in the pool immediately. Obviously I was stopped by the cold weather, and the pool not being opened yet. Fast forward to today, my pool is open and almost ready to be swam in. I’m patiently waiting for the day I can use the float. I love how detailed the magic carpet graphic is, and how cute Abu is trailing on the back. 


The float is 6 feet long, and 1 foot high. It features clear handles you can hold onto, that don’t take away from the overall design. Other than the carpet graphic and Abu, the float is clear. This means that the pool water will filter through, to give the overall appearance that you’re “floating” on a magic carpet. I know this will be the hit of the pool! It can be purchased on for $59.95.

Magic Carpet Beach Towel

The Magic Carpet Towel, I also received from my Aunt. This is to die for! The vibrant colors are beautiful and true to the actual magic carpet in the movie. One of my pet peeves is when a beach/pool towel is too short and doesn’t fit your entire body. Not a problem with the Magic Carpet Towel. It’s almost 6 feet long, and a little over 3 ft wide. Perfect for laying flat on the sand, draped around your body or placed on a pool lounge. 


The top is soft, and feels very comfortable on the skin. Nothing worse than a scratchy beach towel. The quality is definitely there with this item. The bottom is an absorbent French terry knit. So it’s great for drying off after jumping in the pool. My favorite features include the gold tassels found on each corner and the elegant gold roping along the towel’s edge. This item is quite detailed, making it a showstopper. Currently, the towel is on sale for $14.99 at How can you beat that?

Aladdin Pillowcase Set

The Aladdin Pillowcase Set is too cute to handle! The set comes with two pillowcases. Each has a different graphic depicted topside. One pillowcase has animated Aladdin’s side profile. Whilst the other features the night sky of Agrabah. If you place the pillowcases together, they create a panoramic image of Aladdin and the night sky. The deep, night time colors are perfect for bedtime. The pillow case feels nice on the skin. It’s pretty cool you can also flip the cases over to have in an entirely new image of outlines of many different Disney Princes. Aladdin is my favorite prince, however, if you’d like your pick a different prince, there is also a Prince Eric Set. These pillowcase sets are a steal at a sale price of only $11.99!


Disney x Pandora- Aladdin Collection

Magic Lamp Dangle Charm


I’m super thrilled Aladdin came out only a few weeks after my birthday this year. All the movie-themed merchandise was already out, so as you can see I got wonderful Aladdin birthday presents. My favorite gift was from my wonderful mother who got me the Pandora Magic Lamp Dangle Charm. This charm can be put on a Pandora bracelet, or hung on a necklace. My Pandora bracelet is strictly silver charms, so I knew I was going to style this on a gold chain. The gold chain I have the item on is fairly thick, which works really well with how solid the charm is. 


The charm is 18kt gold plated over sterling silver, giving the charm much more durability than a metal coating. This also helps prevent wear on the piece. The 2 stones on each side of the charm’s ring are Cubic Zirconia. There’s a lot of detail on the genie lamp, which makes the charm come to life. 


This piece even has a secret surprise. You can actually open the lamp’s lid to reveal a sparkly, teal enamel. This represents Aladdin’s blue genie inside. This feature provides the charm with so much character. It’s little on the pricer side, retailing for $90.00, but the quality and design are well worth the cost. I’ve been wearing this as a necklace frequently. I loved wearing it to the early Aladdin movie premiere!

Disney's Aladdin at Target

Aladdin Cave Of Wonders Mood Light Table Lamp

Image Courtesy of

To be honest, I just ordered this item the other day from I haven’t received it yet, so I cannot give a total review. However, from images I’ve seen online, it looks awesome! The Cave of Wonders scene in the new Aladdin stayed true to the original and was filmed beautifully. As soon as I saw this, I knew I needed it. At only $14.99, how could I pass this up? I enjoy incorporating Disney into home decor. It becomes a unique, conversation-starting design esthetic. From the details on, the lamp is 4.8 inches x 4 inches, meaning it will easily fit anywhere. 



There’s a non-removable light bulb, and this item runs on batteries. This is great because the lamp doesn’t have to be placed near an electrical outlet. There’s nothing more annoying than getting an item and only being able to keep, use or display it near an electrical outlet. 

Aladdin Genie Table Lamp

Image Courtesy of

Again, like the Cave of Wonders Mood Lamp, I haven’t received the Aladdin Genie Table Lamp yet. It’s also a new item at Target. This lamp is classic Aladdin for ya. No matter where you display it, someone is going to recognize it being from Aladdin. The genie lamp is arguably the most recognizable item of the Aladdin franchise. 


According to details on, it is plastic and measures 5 inches x 10 inches. Like the Cave of Wonders lamp, it runs on battery and requires no chord. This can be placed wherever you’s like. I believe this would look great on a side table, in a nursery, at an office and more. The displaying possibilities are truly endless.  The way this piece lights up, really gives you the feeling that the genie is about to pop right out. Any Disney fan, buy this immediately! 

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