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A Guide to Visiting The Happy Place in Boston – Whimsical Photo Ops for All

In the days of social media, we all want fun and interesting pictures to post/share, with friends & family. Although there are many photographs of myself on this blog, that doesn’t mean I LOVE getting my picture taken. Like most, I can be quite critical of how I look in a photo. Also, I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to the background and look of where the photo was taken. I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten better at this over the past few years. It’s the age of accepting me, for me. 


That being said, I didn’t know what to expect with the Happy Place Pop-Up in Boston, MA. Are there going to be a lot of people watching me as I get my photo taken? Is it going to be awkward? Am I going to be rushed through each room? Am I dressed appropriately? Throughout this post, I’ll answer those questions. Here’s my full run down of The Happy Place.

Because I'm Happy

I took the trip to the Happy Place a few weekends back. The weekend was the only viable option, since I work full-time during the business week. If you buy tickets to go on a weekend, it will cost you $35.00. If  you can awing a weekday, each ticket is $30. I honestly think the cost was a little steep for what you got at the Happy Place. The ticket includes access to each room, a free cookie and a free tiny tasting of M&Ms. Now, I loved my time at this instagram-friendly pop-up, but I feel like there should’ve been more included with your ticket. Maybe more free treats, a free drink, or something like Mardi Gras beads. The ticket cost doesn’t get you much besides access to each photo-ready room. That would be my only feedback.


If you plan to visit, I suggest wearing light-weight clothes. Skip the layering. The space gets pretty toasty temperature-wise. I noticed some individuals were extremely dressed up, whilst others were super casual (like myself). I say wear what makes you comfortable!


Even though I went on a weekend, I was thrilled to see there wasn’t a huge crowd. This was good for me as crowds stress me out sometimes. I was appreciative of not being pushed through each room; you have time to slowly walk around at your own pace. This gives you the chance to really perfect those poses. Yes, people will be crowded around waiting for their turn. Unless you have the place to yourself, there will at least be  a handful of other visitors watching you get pictures taken. I thought this would be awkward, but it really wasn’t! Everyone was there for the same reason. I felt it was a happy and judgment-free zone. This made the whole experience THAT much better. Even the staff was respectful of your space. They were spread out, and very polite.

"C is for cookie, that's good enough for me." - Cookie Monster

Posing with my cookie & channeling Cookie Monster

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies. I love desserts, and always have a sweet tooth. When it comes to cookies, I haven’t met a type I didn’t like. When I saw there was a cookie room, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Prior to walking into the cookie room, you get a neatly packaged cookie. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was the scent of cookies. They pump in the scent of fresh baked cookies. I’d say that because of the scent, free cookie and giant cookie prop to pose with, this room was the most interactive.


The entirety of the room was covered in cookie wallpaper. It’s not only adorable, but very instagram-able. No matter where you stand in the room, cookies were going to be in the background. This was a nice feature so that  while you were waiting for your turn to pose with the giant cookie, there were still many other areas photo opportunities. 

We're going to need a bigger glass of milk

The Upside Down

Let’s pull a Stranger Things moment up in here. If I do say so myself, I nailed it! Once I walked into the room, I immediately knew the best way to showcase it would be to jump! I’m actually surprised at how much height I got. How it works, is the bedroom set is installed on the ceiling. The floor is done up to appear as standard bedroom ceiling. Therefore, the room truly is upside-down.


The picture you’re able to take here, can be displayed either right side up, or upside-down. Each look super funny and creative. I’d say that I had the most fun in this room! There was a staff member who stood in this room; he was polite to not  stare as we tried to capture the perfect jumping photo…which isn’t as easy as it looks. For a brief moment, we were the only people in this room. This made the posing low key and private, which was great since I was jumping like a maniac.

"Rubber Duckie you're the one" - Ernie

Sure, most of us had a rubber duckie growing up that made “bath time lots of fun”. The smaller room had extremely tall walls. From floor to ceiling, rubber duckies were displayed. I unintentionally matched my eyeshadow to this room, which really made my eyes pop in the above photo. I love a happy accident.


In this room, there’s a yellow tub you could pose in, but I opted out of that because I was a little worried about germs. Speaking of germs, the Happy Place does a great job of providing hand sanitizer stations throughout, as well as switching out clean confetti and plastic balls in the ball pit. I appreciate this since there are numerous people coming in and out of each room. What I did appreciate, is there were two of these rooms set up across from each other. That way, there wasn’t just one single line of people waiting to get in the tub hehe. 


Of all the photos I took, the above picture I feel came out the best. I love the photo and if you visit my about page, you’ll see I added the photo to the page. If you are a blogger like me, or even an instagram fiend, this experience creates an awesome amount of photo ops to help you achieve that new favorite photo of yours.

I dare you to count the ducks

Flower Power

The flower power was so real in this room. I couldn’t deal with how magical it was. It was all created on a platform that you had to climb up through a little porthole so you were level with and surrounded by the gorgeous golden flora. Look at the below picture, on the right. You’ll see the black porthole, which is what you climb up through. The amount of time and effort it must’ve taken to put this together is crazy. I do have to say that the lighting was extremely dark in this room. It made it hard to take a well-lit photo. I tried flash, but it didn’t look right. Nothing a little photo brightening cant fix! Make sure to respect the rules, and not climb onto the set. 

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" -Evil Queen

Ok, this mirror room was mind blowing. I felt like I was inside a disco ball. The picture honestly doesn’t do the shine justice. I had a lot of fun having a Mariah Carey pose moment. Similar to the rubber duckie/yellow tub room, there were two mirror set ups so that multiple people could be posing in a room like this at once. I was surprised that a lot of people bypassed this room to go right to the rubber duckie wall. The glistening shine in this room captivated me, and if you visit the Happy Place I don’t suggest walking by this room.

Bubblegum Pop

The ultimate dream for the candy-obsessed. I got a sweet tooth just by sitting on the bench. This is the first room you enter when starting your journey through the Happy Place. I absolutely loved the wall of bubble gum dispensers! I really liked how they were all color coordinated and organized. This made for a really whimsical photo op. I remember wishing I had gum to blow a bubble while posing. Might’ve been too messy though. In this room, it would’ve been cool to be given a piece of bubble gum. Instead, you did get a little plastic cup with some M&Ms (see picture below). The yellow and white theme of this room was fresh and fun.


This room was channeling all the love baby. From the kiss marks on the wall, to the large lip chair. There was also a large “XO”, mirrored sculpture, but there was a lot of people gathered around it so I decided to skip that photo op. That’s what is awesome about the Happy Place. You can pose where you want and when you want. It’s really up to you, and what you want to get out of the experience. I loved the bright, cherry reds throughout the room. 


Besides the love theme, you may notice a statement wall. Being a Boston babe, the “Good Times Never Seemed So Good! So Good! So Good!” wall mural really captured Boston and how proud we are as a city. 

"You Got me in Chains for your Love" - Nick Jonas

Like the rubber duckie/yellow tub room, there were two chain rooms across from each other. I was a little confused at first on how to pose for this one, since the chains were everywhere and covering me up. If you move and separate the chains at the right time, you can pose through them for pretty cool look. What was super awesome about this room is the chains went SO far back, that you could actually hide and become extremely invisible. Imagine staying hidden and scaring people all day, not so happy I guess.


I actually like how in the above photo the chains cast an interesting shadow on my face. I feel this photo is clever, and I love how it looks like I am trying to make my way through the chains. Just note to self if you try this photo op at the Happy Place, it might take more than one shot to get the perfect picture amongst the chains.


No shame, I made a beeline for the unicorn statue. I thought the unicorn was adorable with its little collar on. It made it seem like they were trying to portray this unicorn as your pet when you pose with it. I very much enjoyed the turf grass, as well as the sky blue and cloud wall background. It definitely made this section seem like you’re inside a fairytale.

I'm Ready to Party!

CONFETTI! How fun is it to throw confetti all about? The Happy Place has a clear, igloo-like structure that you can go inside. The floor has air blowing upwards so you can pick up the confetti and toss it upwards into the rushing air which keeps it afloat. So fun! The structure is large enough that several people can fit comfortably inside at once. I had a lot of fun taking these pictures and videos. You WILL walk out with confetti stuck in your hair or on you clothes! 

Creature from the psychedelic lagoon

Pot O' Gold

I have to admit, I didn’t jump in the ball pit. There was a long line, and I was a little turned off by it because there were so many people jumping in and out of it. I did love the set up though. It was adorable and very colorful. I can imagine you could really capture an exciting picture whilst taking a leap of faith into the ball pit. 

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