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There’s No Way but “Away”!

Packing is one of those activities I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it, because it it means I’m taking a trip somewhere. I hate it, because of the time and effort it takes to organize everything into my luggage. Luckily, I’ve discovered a completely life-changing travel product, Away Suitcases.

You might have noticed Away’s large social media presence, as I have, through your favorite influencers, and/or through a sponsored post. One day, I found myself browsing the Away website, aware of the high praise they receive online. So I figured I’d give it a try. Ready to have your mind blown? With ever suitcase, Away offers a 100-day trial. Meaning, you can travel with this suitcase for 100 days, and if you’re not in love with it (which you will be), Away will take it back and refund you no matter what the condition is and with no questions asked. How awesome is that? Away allows you to really travel with this suitcase to get a feel for it, and see if its the right travel accessory for you. 

Even more insane, after the 100 days, if any part of the suitcase ever breaks, Away will fix or replace it, guaranteed! This is for life! Not many products come with a lifetime warranty; as a consumer, it’s so refreshing to see this. Especially for an item that is thrown around a lot when traveling. That’s how confident Away is that their luggage is built to last! I find comfort in the fact that I never have to purchase another suitcase again, because even if these break, Away will replace them for me for life. I’m NEVER going back to another suitcase. 

Of course I chose to order my suitcase less than a week before I was traveling to Disney last year. I didn’t realize my need for a sturdy carry-on until right before the trip. It was unlikely that I was going to receive this before my trip without paying the $50 for two day shipping. Luckily, the Away shipping fulfillment center is located in my state! Plus, Away’s customer service is beyond incredible and they even put a “rush” note on my order. I received the shipment in only a couple days! 


Whilst browsing the site, I knew I wanted the Sky color to match my car! Away offers two styles of carry-on: The Carry-On and The Bigger Carry-On. The main difference between the two is the size. The height and width of the two only differ by a single inch. Whereas the depth, differs by .6 inches. So as you can see, there isn’t a huge size change. The weight between the two (unpacked) differs by less than a pound. The interiors measurements each differ by a single inch as well. I figured the smaller carry-on was enough space for me. There was a concern I had however, the ejectable battery. 

With each Away carry-on style, there is an option to have or not have an ejectable battery in the suitcase. It’s important to note that there’s no difference in price between with or without. Per Away’s website, the battery can charge a phone up to 5 times. It can eject instantly in a pop-out fashion in case you want to check the suitcase, or charge on the go. However, the battery does take up some internal space of the suitcase, as well as contribute to a slightly heavier weight by only a few ounces. When speaking with Away, they said the space the battery takes up is equivalent to a pair of knee-length socks. As a visual person, I knew that wasn’t too much space at all. 


Since the battery cannot be installed at a later date, I decided to go with the ejectable battery option. It’s really your personal preference. However, I will say the battery option is insanely cool. I did use this several times at the airport, as well as various times during my trip. The battery life is long-lasting before you need to charge it again (all chords are included besides the cable you use to charge your specific phone model). 

Charging my phone at the airport
The Away Ejectable Battery

The carry-on is crafted of a very durable, but light, polycarbonate shell. I was actually shocked at how lightweight the suitcase is prior to packing it up. Whilst toting this suitcase around Logan Airport, I was blown “away “(no pun intended) by the 360° spinner wheels. They feel beyond premium, and can quietly roll your suitcase in any direction, on any surface; Making this super luxe suitcase a joy to use. 


The suitcase also features a TSA-approved combination lock, for that added sense of security. Since the TSA approves the lock, they can easily access your suitcase need-be. No need to worry about TSA cutting your lock off or damaging the suitcase. You can see the lock in the below picture. Also, take note of the black leather detail stitched around the zipper, another show of the superior craftsmanship. 

TSA-Approved Combination Lock

With the interior compression system, you can physically buckle down the compression pad, which allows you to free up more space internally. You might think, yeah but really how much space does that save? You’d be shocked, I was. You can fit so much more clothes or accessories once using the compression system. The last trip I used this on, I was amazed at how much clothes, accessories and etc. the smaller Carry-On held. I was nervous because size-wise, this suitcase is not very big. However, it’s incredible how much it holds. I will never not travel with this suitcase. 

Interior Compression System and Hidden Laundry Bag

Additional items you get with your Away suitcase is a black leather luggage tag, super nice; a water-resistant, hidden laundry bag where you can separate your dirty clothes from other items in the suitcase; a charging chord and Away-branded cube for the ejectable battery. They all come in an adorable travel bag. Each suitcase comes with a protective dust bag. Overall, I felt stylish and fashionable sporting this suitcase around the airport. I was confident in my appearance, as this suitcase is the ultimate airport accessory. The Carry-On retails for $225, and is currently available in 10 different colors!

Travel Case
Charging Chord & Cube for Ejectable Battery

Since Away is retiring the Sky color option soon, I knew I wanted to purchase another style suitcase in the color to match my Carry-On and create a cohesive set. I’d already purchased a carry-on, so I figured I’d buy The Large, retailing for $295. This style is Away’s biggest suitcase option. It has exterior measurements of 29” x 20.5” x 12.5”, and interior measurements 27” x 19.5”. Unpacked, it  weighs 11.2 lbs, but it honestly feels lighter. I promise. This suitcase as ALL the exact same features as the Carry-On, EXCEPT there is no ejectable battery option. The ejectable battery is only available in the two Carry-On models. The Large is currently available in 9 different colors! Unfortunately, Sky is no longer available in The Large suitcase. I was very fortunate to have purchased one of the last remaining Sky color suitcases last month. Keep an eye out though, Away is always introducing new color options! 


If you’re interested in changing the way you travel, for the better, use this link to purchase an Away Suitcase of your own with $20 off your first suitcase or bag! 

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