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The Summer 2019 Collabs I’m Liv-ing for!

Havaianas x 'Stranger Things' Flip Flops

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Stranger Things Season 3 was just uploaded on Netflix this week, on July 4th. Playing on the Stranger Things hype, Havaianas released the “Havaianas x ‘Stranger Things’ Flip Flops” collab. Retailing for $26 each, there are two different designs, available in both Men’s and Women’s. One design is Black with Red accents, whilst the other design is Navy with White accents. I have several pairs of Havaianas, and they are by far my favorite flip flops. They last forever, I’ve had some pairs for over 7 years! With Havaianas, the bottom material is both thick and cushiony, which feels super soothing on the feet. Sometimes thin flip flops hurt my feet, as there isn’t much support between your foot and the ground. I love the fun, Stranger Things graphics on both designs. I would definitely have a hard time deciding between the two! This is a modern and stylish way to showcase your love of Stranger Things. 


From a young age, I discovered my love of Pokémon. I collected Pokémon trading cards, stuffed animals, clothes, toys, video games, movies, etc. Currently as an adult, I find it more difficult to introduce Pokémon into my daily style. Luckily, CASETiFY has provided me with a solution! The CASETiFY x Pokémon collab features iPhone, iPad, MacBook and AirPod cases. CASETiFY has organized this collab’s releases into three limited edition “drops”. The products in Drop 1 sold out lightening quick. Drop 2 will be released on July 10th, 2019. Drop 3 is currently teased as “Coming Soon”. Bulbasaur has always been my all-time favorite Pokémon, so I hope to snag a Bulbasaur case. According to, Drop two offers all 151 Kanto-region Pokémon options to choose from. Most cases in Drop 1 retailed between $45 and $55. Get your childhood self EXCITED! 

Pandora x Disney's The Lion King

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Another very nostalgic collab is Pandora x Disney’s The Lion King. I’m currently waiting for my set to arrive, I just purchased it yesterday. The collection features a Bangle Bracelet for $90 (also available in a set for $125) and 5 charms ranging from $50-$100. Personally, I love Pandora because of their affordable prices for very luxury-looking jewelry. Collecting Pandora charms is also very fun, they make great gifts too! The charms depict lovable The Lion King characters including Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Timon and Pumbaa. The collection features sterling silver and gold plated options for charms. The bangle bracelet is in sterling, however. 


Peanuts® x Marc Jacobs

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Name something more classic than the Peanuts franchise…I’ll wait. All jokes aside, one of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, has released an adorable collection, the Peanuts® x Marc Jacobs collab. From handbags to clothing, this collab offers a little bit of everything. Items depict character favorites such as Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus and Pig Pen. My favorite items are the Snoopy Mini Tag Tote-$275, The Sweatshirt With Charlie Brown-$225 and the Woodstock Small Pendant-$125. The website mentions how Marc Jacobs has been a major Peanuts fan ever since he was 6 years-old and received a Snoopy plush as a gift; I feel this adds a special and personal touch to the overall collection. These items are perfect for any nostalgic fashionista. 

PUMA X Selena Gomez (SG)

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I will proudly admit that Selena Gomez is my favorite fashion, beauty and overall girl-power icon. She has been creating her own brands, while also partaking in countless collabs for quite some time now. Selena is more than a triple threat. She is strong, and has publically underwent some emotional and physical challenges. Recently, she again inspired me with her outlook on life after undergoing a kidney transplant due to suffering from Lupus. Puma, being a brand that captures strength and athleticism, chose the perfect icon to collab with. The PUMA X Selena Gomez (SG) collab offers items like bags, leggings, t-shirts, jackets, shoes and more. I’m really digging the new SG x Cali Sandal in Soft Fluo Yellow, pictured on the far right. These sandals also come in white and retail for $75. I also really like the SG x PUMA Leggings in Puma Black-Fair Aqua. Those two colors make up one of my all-time favorite pairings. These leggings feature a color-block design on the sides, mesh panels and the 072292 which is Selena’s birthdate. This item retails for $80. I highly recommend checking out the entire collection


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Since I love “all-things” makeup, I had to share this collab I’m quite excited about. Wet N Wild has released a Pac-Man collab, WET N WILD x PAC-MAN. Pac-Man gives me fond memories. Being one of my Mom’s favorite games growing up, as a kid she  introduced me to Pac-Man as there was a machine at our favorite campground’s arcade. I discovered this collab while browsing on ULTA has three items within this collab, the PAC-MAN Power Pellets Blushlighter– $6.99 (pictured above), PAC-MAN Bonus Fruit Lip Scrub– $4.99 and PAC-MAN Power Pellets Bronzer– $4.99. Right now this collection is Buy 1, get 1 at 50% off, however, the Power Pellets Blushlighter is currently sold out. I appreciate the clever ways Wet N Wild captured Pac-Man in these products. Blushlighter and Bronzer genuinely look like Power Pellets from the game. The lip scrub’s packaging is a green apple, representing the Bonus Fruit that pop up in the Pac-Man game. I’m very eager to try this collection out! 

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