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Halo Top X ColourPop Collection- Eye Scream for Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”? Well, with the Halo Top X ColourPop Super Shock Duos Collection, you’re able to have your ice cream and makeup fix too. Halo Top is one of my favorite ice cream brands because the fewer calories and sugar allow you to NOT feel so guilty, especially if you want to eat the whole pint. On the flip-side, ColourPop has been a fan-favorite brand in my daily makeup routine. One day, I was scrolling on Instagram (as I do) and saw that Halo Top & ColourPop were collaborating to create the ultimate beauty/ ice cream lover makeup collection in honor of National Ice Cream Month. Obviously it didn’t take much browsing to know I was sold. On ColourPop’s website, I noticed I could either buy the limited edition full set, or could by individual Super Shock Duo kits. Let’s be real, I went for the full set.

The Halo Top X ColourPop Collection Set retails for $38.00, and includes all four kits: Mint Chip, Birthday Cake, Strawberry and Rainbow Swirl. All inspired by classic Halo Top ice cream flavors. I was ecstatic to see my two favorite flavors Strawberry and Birthday Cake were included! A single kit contains two Super Shock Pigment eyeshadows, meaning you get a total of 8 eye shadows with the full set. By buying the set, you save money with each shadow pricing out at $4.75. However, if you would like to buy individual kit(s), they can be purchased for $12.00 each. 

When I received my order, I was really impressed with the packaging. If you’ve read past blogs of mine, you know that I’m all about packaging. I thoroughly believe with any product, an impressive presentation is the first step to success. The set came in a thin box with cartoon-like ice cream graphics. The Halo Top x ColourPop verbiage is identifying to Halo Top with the metallic gold finish. When you open the box you, lifting the lid, you’re greeted with the four adorable kits. They are neatly organized in their respective color-block square. The packaging was so nice, I almost didn’t want to take the kits out. What I love about this box is it works great for storage of each kits, so they’re all in one place.

Mint Chip-Super Shock Pigment Duo

Mint chip, the perfect balance of sweet and refreshing. I’d also use those descriptors for the Super Shock Pigment eyeshadows in the Mint Chip kit. The two shades are Semi Sweet and Tassel. The Mint Chip kit experiments with glittery pastels, which I adore. Semi Sweet is a vibrant, light green that’s stunning. Colourpop describes this shade as an ultra glitter, tie dyed pigment. Looking closely at the eye shadow, you see the awesome silver glitters. The silvery accents are honestly swirled around in the product, like a classic hot fudge swirl in ice cream. Tassel is a must-have color for any makeup maven. The bright white shade is elevated with silver glitter touches. Both these shadows smell amazing! I’d describe the scent as a cinnamon swirl cake. The scent is the same among all the eye shadows in the set. I kind of wish these had a mint scent to them. Only because it would really compliment the kit’s name. However, I’m happy they smell like a dessert rather a chemical, or paint-like, scent some eye shadows have. The texture of the shadows are buttery smooth, and almost feel a little gummy-like. As ColourPop describes it, there’s truly a unique bouncy texture. Due to the texture, a brush that’s both flat and firm definitely works best. If you want to blend the color out once applied to the lid, a fluffier brush is a great choice. I’m truly blown away by both the pigmentation, and how effortless the colors show up. One swipe on the lid, and you’re achieving an outrageous color payoff.

Birthday Cake-Super Shock Pigment Duo

As I previously mentioned, Birthday Cake is one of my absolute favorite Halo Top flavors. It’s shocking how spot on it tastes to birthday cake. The ice cream even includes fun rainbow sprinkles! And HELLO only 280 calories per pint! How can you go wrong? The Birthday Cake kit includes the shades By the Pound and Extra Sprinkles. The names are spot on. By the Pound might just be one of my favorite eyeshadow shades ever! That’s really saying something, as I’ve tried a crazy amount of eye shadow in my lifetime. Similar to Semi Sweet in the Mint Chip kit, this is a tie dyed pigment. When you look at the shadow, you can see a variety of color profiles including coral, orange, yellow and silvery-pink metallic glitter. All these colors come together to provide a whimsical, orangey dream. Extra Sprinkles is similar to shades I tend to gravitate towards. It is a glamorous champagne shade, with gold glitter. I love how the gold glitter makes it presence known, and doesn’t fade into the background. The scent and texture of these shadows are the same as the other kits in the set.

Strawberry-Super Shock Pigment Duo

If you’ve never tried Halo Top, I’d suggest one of the first flavors you try be the Strawberry. I love strawberry ice cream, and let me tell you, Halo Top doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve ever had the Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino® from Starbucks, it tastes very similar, sweet and creamy. I find this so exciting as Halo Top is a light ice cream, and the whole pint is only 280 calories. The Strawberry kit is the kit I was, and still am, most excited about. It features the shades Jam Out and Berry Sweet, again incredible names. Jam Out is truly mind blowing. In my experience, it’s really hard to find a red-pink shadow that doesn’t simply look pink. With this shade, I can visibly see the red pigments. This color is quite vibrant, and has a head-turning shine thanks to the beautiful gold and hot pink glitter flecks. A little less on the vibrant side is Berry Sweet. I know it’s in the name, but the only descriptor I can think of for this shade is SWEET. It’s a delicate millennial pink, with sparkly golden glitter. Similar to Extra Sprinkles in the Birthday Cake Kit, I without a doubt see myself using this as a face and brow highlight.

Rainbow Swirl-Super Shock Pigment Duo

In my opinion the Rainbow Swirl kit represents summer the best. This kit makes me want to spend the day out in the sun with a fruity sherbet in my hand. Halo Top’s Rainbow Swirl is a citrusy sherbet with raspberry, orange and lime flavors. When I think of this flavor, all I can think of is bright. Speaking of bright, ColourPop’s Rainbow Swirl kit brings the bright with the included shades. It features to luminous shades named Sherbert Day and Creamsicle. I can’t get over how fun the shade Sherbert Day is. The pink, marble effect is so breathtaking in the pan. This hot pink shade features hints of coral, bubblegum pink, metallic magenta and silver glitter. This color looks beyond captivating on the eye lid. Creamsicle, although a beautiful color, I feel is a little bit of a miss with the name. When I think of Creamsicle, I immediately see a bright, but creamy orange. I wouldn’t describe this color as orange at all. I would say it’s more of a nude-pink, with blue and purple flip effect. This color is pretty and tame, I definitely see how it made it into the Rainbow Swirl kit, as the blue and purple sheen reminds me of summery fruits. A great everyday color! 

The Looks with Each Kit

Birthday Cake Kit: Overall, I feel the Birthday Cake kit is the most neutral. If you’re someone who prefers a more natural makeup look, as opposed to vibrant colors, I’d definitely suggest this kit. I feel I’ll be using Extra Sprinkles a lot as an inner corner look, or even a highlight because eye shadow doesn’t JUST have to go on the eye lids. It’s the perfect natural color for the work-week. These are great to wear individually, but I wanted to really pair them together for this post. As you can see below, I primarily used By the Pound, focusing Extra Sprinkles in the inner corner. To make this eye look stand out, I paired it with white eyeliner in my waterline. I find this really helps me achieve a doll-like look.

Mint Chip Kit: Although you can wear these shades on their own, or with other shadow colors, I truly enjoy the look of wearing these shadows together. You’ll see on my below look, I focused the bright-white Tassel towards my inner corner, and blending it into Semi Sweet. I’m extremely pleased about how flawlessly these colors blended. My lid looks scrumptious! I paired the look with a dark green eyeliner to really bring out those mint vibes. 

Rainbow Swirl Kit: For the rest of summer, I know I’ll be reaching for Sherbert Day as it is the perfect hot pink for those heat-filled summer days. In my makeup look, I decided to use Sherbert day to underline my bottom lash line to add that pop of color and really snatch it all together. Again, I used the lighter, reflective color of Creamsicle as the inner corner glow. I then paired it with a hot pink eyeliner to play off of the Sherbert Day color profile. I’m such a fan of how these Super Shock shadows blend, beyond pretty.

Strawberry Kit: I could see myself sporting Berry Sweet for a daytime look; whereas I would utilize Jam Out for the perfect night out makeup. For the sake of this blog, I again wore these two shades together. I prefer to use lighter and reflective shades in my inner corner and blend out into a more vibrant color. I then added classic black, liquid eyeliner. I feel the black eyeliner really helped the vibrant red pop. I love pairing red and black together, it’s really a sultry pairing. By far, my favorite look created was with the Strawberry Kit. 

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