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Are Custom Hair Care Products Worth the Hype?

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The above bottles list my name, where on my hair to use it, the product’s benefits, the fragrance and geo location (my zip code was edited out for safety purposes)

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed much popularity for custom hair products. These products are formulated for your specific hair need, no one else’s. The products are so personalized, some even have your name printed on them. If that doesn’t make you feel special, I don’t know what will. Personalized hair care is a little more pricey than generic shampoo and conditioner products, since their formula is specialized per person. Recently, I’ve been using custom hair care products from Prose Hair by Persé Beauty, Inc. 

About Prose Hair:

Prose Hair formulates fresh, made-to-order products that are specifically made for each individual and their hair concerns. Prior to purchasing your hair care products, Prose Hair has you take an assessment, in order to determine what ingredients will best benefit your hair and scalp. According to Prose Hair’s website, their algorithm processes your answers and uses over 135 factors to determine the unique blend of ingredients needed to treat an individual’s hair/scalp concerns, goals and preferences. What I find impressive, is that your specific formula is 1 of 50 billion possible outcomes! 

You might be thinking, “what if the formula doesn’t work for me?”. Prose Hair has a 100% satisfaction guarantee; Plus they offer both free shipping and returns. If your hair and scalp needs/concerns change, don’t fret. According to Prose Hair, every-time you order they optimize your formula based on seasonal changes in your environment, new discoveries in ingredient research, adding or removing specific ingredients due to your feedback and updating concentrations. All made possible by their in-house chemists, who work around the clock to formulate products on the cutting edge of clean beauty. Prose Hair is designed in Paris and bottled in New York. Two of the most well-known places in the world. 

The Consultation:

The products I’ve been using are the Cleanse Shampoo, Hydrate Conditioner and Pre-Shampoo Mask. Each product was formulated specifically for me based on my consultation answers. Prose determined my hair & scalp concerns. The consultation takes about 10 minutes to complete. Questions ask about your age range, hair length/thickness/texture, scalp health, diet, stress levels and etc. The part of the assessment I found to be the coolest is when they ask for your zip code. From the zip code, they determine what environmental factors are present in the area you spend most of your time. For example, an individual living in the countryside is going to have a different formula than someone in the city. The results for where I reside include: 61% UV Rays, 22% Pollution, 20% Water Hardness, 92% Humidity and 9% Wind.

When formulating your products, you can even request it to be vegan, silicone free and/or gluten free. You can pick fragrances such as floral, fruity or fresh. I went with Prose’s recommendation for me, which is Ispahan. A floral and fruity scent with notes of lychee, rose and raspberry. If you’re sensitive to fragrances, you can ever opt for fragrance-free option. Finally, you end the consultation by selecting your hair goals. I chose more volume, more shine and more curls. See my consultation results below: 



As far as ingredients go, Prose Hair prides themselves on using natural, clean ingredients that are good for both your hair and you. These ingredients are backed by science via their in-house chemists that ensure safety, quality and efficacy. Prose Hair is thoughtfully sourced of the highest quality, and subject to ongoing research. This ensures that customers continue to get the best of the best ingredients in their hair care products. 

In my Prose package, I received an intensive breakdown of the ingredients specifically tailored to my hair concerns and goals. The breakdown explains the origin of each ingredient, a description of its benefits and which products include what ingredients. Some are shared amongst the three products, whereas other ingredients are product-specific. See my ingredient breakdown below:

On Prose’s website, you can visit here, to look up the Environmental Working Group (EWG) toxicity score for each ingredient. High safety is a score of 1-2, moderate safety is a score of 3-6 and low safety is 7-10. Out of all the ingredients in my haircare, almost all are high safety scoring between 1-2. One ingredient, Professional Silicone has a moderate safety score of 3. Two ingredients Collagen and Lilac are not yet rated. The scores of my ingredients make me feel great about what I’m putting on my hair. Most generic shampoo brands have many chemicals in their products. Sometimes you really don’t know what is seeping into your hair and scalp. Prose Hair products make me feel safe.

Liv's Overall Thoughts:

First of all, I absolutely love the packaging. The personalization is the first thing I notice. As you can see in the above photo, the bottle has “Olivia” on it! Talk about feeling high-class! This little detail only enforces the wonderful quality of Prose hair care. I find the Ispahan fragrance to be delicate and sweet. I would describe the scent as a sugary floral. The scent reminds me of a product a hair professional would use on me. Both the formula and fragrance make washing my hair feel like an in-salon experience…but at home!

The hair mask has a suggested use of once every 2 weeks. This means the formula is not only nourishing, but will last you awhile. It’s suggested to leave it on anywhere from 5-15 minutes. I decided to meet in the middle and leave it on for 10. This product feels awesome on my hair! Make sure to avoid your roots when using the mask. Apply the mask to the mid-length and ends of your hair. Use the mask before shampooing and conditioning. This mask is said to target damaged hair by repairing “wear & tear”.

The shampoo and conditioner are to be used together. The products come with an optional pump. I suggest using the pump, that way you can follow the directions accurately. For each product, use 4-6 pumps. The shampoo should be massaged into your hair starting at the roots and working down. Then rinse. 

With the conditioner, focus application to the lengths and ends of your hair. As you use the conditioner. Prose recommends twisting sections of your hair. After you leave it on your hair for 3-5 minutes. Per Prose Hair, the best shine is achieved when the product is rinsed out with cool water.

The Results:

The above pictures in the slideshow depict my natural hair, air-dried. This was after using the Prose hair mask, shampoo and conditioner. I took the pictures in front of a window, to depict my hair in natural light. I’m beyond thrilled with the shine radiating from my hair. Personally, I feel like these products helped bring out my natural highlights. My hair is, and has never been, colored or chemically treated. The texture of my hair is visibly smooth which is awesome to have achieved with just naturally air-dried hair. Usually, I have to use additional styling products to achieve this. As you can see, my natural waves and layers were clearly enhanced by the products. The volume SHOWED UP, reaching one of my hair goals. All I did to my hair in the above pictures, is run a brush through it.

I’m really pleased that my usual frizz was very minimal after using the products. Honestly, I was kind of shocked.  I took these photos on a day with a humidity level of 74%. This is unheard of for me! I always battle frizz. The fact that I had to use no other products to tame the frizz, was incredible.

Clearly, these products made my natural hair look salon-styled. I cant’t get over how soft my hair feels. Not to mention, long after the shower, the fragrance stayed on my hair. It gave me that after-salon smell, without going to the salon. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to generic shampoo and conditioner after using Prose. The price is worth the quality of products, and personalized results. I promise you, my hair goals I told Prose, have been achieved. I’m beyond satisfied. If you choose to subscribe, you’ll save 20%! Make the switch to custom hair care with Prose! For $10 off your first purchase, follow this link

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