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Liv’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again to start searching for the perfect gifts for your family, friends, coworkers and etc. There’s only a little over two weeks until Christmas…it’s GO time people! Start your engines, and buzz on down to the mall (or if you’re like me stay in your PJs and online shop). I’m sharing with you my Holiday Gift Guide for 2019, filled with new products I adore. 

1.) Stylish, but Waterproof, Hiking Boots

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When it comes to hiking boots, especially in New England’s cold winter season, it’s important to have warmth and traction. I hate when you have to give up style, when it comes to functionality. With the Timberland Sienna Genuine Shearling Trim Waterproof Hiking Boots, style and function are on level playing fields. I saw these hiking boots on, and was immediately in love. With these gorgeous boots, you can go from trekking safely through rough terrain, to walking into a boutique. 

The added block heel is unique, and something you don’t typically see in hiking boots. I’m so on board with heeled hiking boots! The shearling trim provides that added warmth we all crave in the winter. The Sienna hiking boots retail for $189.95 on The price is a little steep, but you’re paying for the world-renowned quality that the Timberland brand provides. Not to mention the brand was founded in Boston, MA!  

2.) Personalized Hair Clips


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I think 2019 is the year of “let them know my name”. It seemed like everything came with personalized options. Phone cases, purses, handbags and more. I’ve seen personalized and statement hair pins, but I’ve never seen chunky barrettes like Baublebar is offering.

 These funky, acrylic clips are the definition of FUN. There’s two options, the wide (pictured left) and slim (pictured right) clips. With the wide clip, there are 10 base colors to choose from, and 9 nameplate colors. With the slim clips, theres 81 total combinations. Each retail for $28, extremely affordable. Make a statement, and let them know your name! Currently, you can purchase these with 15% off! 

3.) French Press-Ooh La La


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When you purchase a French Press, you’re reaching peak sophistication levels. Especially, if you purchase this particular item. The copper finish is both rustic and luxury. Imagine how classy this would look on a kitchen counter. This Brushed Copper French Press Coffee Maker is only $39.99 at World Market! This is a perfect gift to get someone under $50. The press is made of sturdy stainless steel. I love the detail of the natural wooden knob. According to World Market’s description of this item, “pressing ground coffee beans retains all the essential oils instead of filtering them out, resulting in a richer, more fully caffeinated brew”. This is a very tasteful gift for any coffee lover.

4.) Picture Frame, but make it digital


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It’s safe to say that picture frames are a common gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and etc. If you’re indecisive like me, deciding which photos to put in your frames can be quite the challenge. This is why Aura Digital Frames are the new way to frame. Not only are the frames beyond sleek, but they come with many different features and benefits. According to their website, the frames include free unlimited photo storage with no hosting fees, a high-quality app that easily allows you to manage photos and frames, phone pictures can be shared to the frame immediately, you can share photos with family and friends in the network no matter where they’re located! 

Aura digital frames have interactive touch controls and automatic color correction/light balance. With several styles all ranging in price, there’s an option for everyone! All models range under $400. You’re getting an amazing piece of technology that can keep you connected with your favorite photo memories. These make incredible gifts for family members, especially when everyone in the family can be added to the network. No longer commit to just one picture in a frame!

5.) Throw a Party with some THROW PILLOWS


From Left to Right:

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I don’t even have my own place, and I could not be more obsessed with throw pillows. When you think about it, throw pillows are like stuffed animals for adults. There are so many sizes, shapes, colors and designs. I tend to prefer throw pillows that have a unique flair to them. Not your typical solid-colored pillow. On the far left, we have the most magical Crown Throw Pillow with metallic gold details. The cream tones in this pillow make it perfect for fitting in with any decor. For only $17.09, this is the perfect way to bring out your inner royalty.

I also love the spherical design of the Lush Velvet Sphere Pillow. Plus, they are currently on sale for $29.99. These pillows are truly a statement piece. I adore the metallic sheen from the velvet. These throw pillows come in Royal Blue and Dusty Blush. Imagine how cute these would look on a bed or couch. 

Finally, I’m obsessed with the Tassel Pillow from Shopbop Home. I adore how the different crochet designs come together as one. The design will brighten up any room! This pillow is the perfect “under $50” gift, retailing at $40.

6.) Exfoliation is Key!


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It’s so important, especially in the winter months, to exfoliate to remove dry, dead skin. Trust me, your skin will thank you. When it comes to scrubs, I love to treat myself to a sugar scrub. Besides the sweetness of the scrub formulated of sugar granules, sugar scrubs have a plethora of benefits. Using sugar scrubs prevent ingrown hairs and brighten the skin by removing dark spots/dullness. Particularly, I really enjoy LALICIOUS branded sugar scrubs. Their scrubs are so nourishing as well and leave my skin super soft. 

Currently on their website, there are 12 delicious scents to choose from. If you’re having difficulty choosing a scrub scent, whether for yourself or for a gift, that’s where this scrub tower comes in. For $49, the tower includes six 2 oz scrubs. The scrub scents include Brown Sugar Vanilla, Sugar Coconut, Sugar Kiss, Sugar Lavender, Sugar Tiare Flower and Sugar Reef. This way, if you give this as a gift, the recipient will be able to discover which scents are their favorite! 



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Ok, COME ON, how cute is this?? Something I’m not used to saying about a cooler! I’m obsessed with the fact that the Eola Bucket Bag looks like a stylish, designer backpack. If I saw someone wearing this at the mall, I’d definitely be curious about where they got it! I particularly love the above, color called Seafoam. However, if this isn’t your cup of tea, this backpack also comes in Rose Quartz, Black Camo and Olive. There’s a color for everyone on your Christmas list. Eola Bucket Bag is padded, with  adjustable backpack straps for comfort. We all have those hard, plastic coolers that are so uncomfortable to hold. This bucket bag can hold either 12 cans or 8 cans and 2 wine bottles. That’s a lot of room if you ask me! 

This bag is made of vegan leather. The top handle and base rear accessory pocket with zippered closure add to the functionality of this cooler bag. I feel like this cooler bag was made for the beach. You can strap it on your back, and stay hands free to carry beach chairs, towels and etc! I also see myself using this for a picnic, or even just leaving it in my car. This retails for $129.95. 

8.) A Product of Nature, Meets a Product of Technology


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This item is the cutest bedside companion I ever did see. I don’t know about you, but on my night stand, I never have a perfect place to put my phone as I sleep. I usually just let lay down on the night stand. However, with this two-in-one product, you have a modern, sleek vase for flowers as well as a functional smartphone stand. The Bedside Smartphone Vase is the perfect way to brighten up your night stand with natural flowers, as well as support your technology. 

The vase is extremely affordable at only $32. You can order the vase in either mint or white. They are crafted out of glazed stoneware. Your smartphone can even charge whilst resting on the stand. I hate the look of loose chords everywhere; so I love how this vase discreetly hides the chord while charging in the groove on the bottom of the stand. There’s never been a prettier way to charge your phone.

9.) Let's GLOW Honey!


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The Glow Light by Casper is about to be your best, sleep ally. The self-dimming light glows with a warm light that works to lull you into a deeper sleep. The light gradually dims as you fall into a deep slumber. This gadget has a less harsh brightness than that of your generic light. At night, the warm light helps cue your body for bed. In the morning, the light fills your room with a soft light. This works to gently wake you up, much more relaxing than an obnoxious alarm. You can schedule your wake-up time via the app designed to be used with the Glow Light. To adjust the brightness, all you have to do is twist the gadget. It’s that simple! You can purchase a single version for $129, or a double for $229. 

10.) Shine Bright like a Crystal

There’s something about crystals that truly make me feel like I have my life together. When it comes to displaying them, it should be nothing less than special. Currently I display a few of mine on my office desk. However, I never thought of displaying them on a shelf. Better yet, why not an air plant, crystal, terrarium shelf?

I love the unique triangle design of this shelf. You don’t typically see shelfs in with this shape. The Mini Crystal + Air Plant Gift Set  by Auramore includes a 4.75” display shelf, Tillandsia air plant, purple Amethyst cluster, raw Rose Quartz and a geode. This is the perfect set for someone who might be just starting their crystal collection. For only $27.20, this is a steal! 

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