Living Like Liv

Liv, short for Olivia, is a nickname I quickly adopted in childhood. Being from Massachusetts, it’s a reality that I respond to “Ahlivia” [Ah-liv-e-ah]. For this blog, I figured I would breeze past this obstacle and simply go by Liv. Diving into some basics…I’m in my early 20s, a proud Bay Stater, an even prouder New England Patriots fan, a “recent-enough” college graduate, a full-time Marketing & Advertising Director, a fish-mom (I am working on the puppy situation), makeup enthusiast, always in awe of nature, craft-obsessed and honestly just curious about life.

Natural Habitat: Drinking a Latte

Something I left out is my passion for writing. I have enjoyed writing from a young age, using it as an escape. From diaries (currently under lock and key) to home-made story books, writing has been there for me.

Throughout high school and college, I honed in on my love for writing. I did extremely well with any and all writing assignments; Exhibit A: I wrote a 30 page paper for an International Business class that was only supposed to be 15 pages. It got to the point where my Journalism professor tried to upright convert me into a Journalism Major. Looking back, I do wish I joined the journalism club in college. Live with no regrets? I don’t know about that. But hey, maybe this blog can be my second chance. 

It brings happiness to my core knowing my writing is not only reaching a bigger audience, but also sparking the interest and excitement of a multitude of readers. Readers, I hope you have a lovely experience reading my posts, and uh welcome to my life…

Yeah, they were all yellow”. -Coldplay

Living Like Liv, is a lifestyle blog broken into categories including Beauty, Eats, Events, Travel, Style, Home Decor and more. The goal of this blog is to provide tips, opinions, tricks and advice (perhaps shopping-related) that inspire. 

 Whether you’re looking for some good brunch recommendations, or wanting advice on the best lengthening mascara, Living Like Liv has you covered. Sit back (or stand), grab a snack (or two, no one is judging), sip on a latte and enjoy my blog.