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Necklace Simplicity- Thesis of Alexandria

Who doesn’t love some bling? If you are anything like me, jewelry is one of your favorite ways to express yourself. From a young age, I was taught to enjoy and appreciate jewelry in all forms. My Nana spent years collecting jewelry, and my mother worked in jewelry sales throughout my childhood. Personally, I find …

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Beauty Products that Encompass Nostalgia

As I get older, I find myself gripping onto childhood. Lately, more and more things have caused me to reminisce of my childhood days. I enjoy finding ways to incorporate items I loved as a kid, into my adult life. Recently, I have been obsessed with beauty products integrating kid-themed brands into their collection. It …

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Let’s get to the Heart of the Sunflower: Birthday 2018

I had my 24th birthday early this spring. Sadly, I have come to terms with not being a kid anymore; although age is just a number. No matter how old I am, I have always appreciated a party with a theme. This appreciation may be a product of my childhood dream…being a wedding planner! I …