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National Marine Life Center’s Seal Release: Hagrid & Snitch

Scusset Beach State Reservation For my Birthday this year, my amazing colleagues at work symbolically adopted me a seal. They know seals are my favorite animals, so this was the perfect gift for me! I was beyond thrilled; this was definitely one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. I love how this gift …

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A Guide to Visiting The Happy Place in Boston – Whimsical Photo Ops for All

In the days of social media, we all want fun and interesting pictures to post/share, with friends & family. Although there are many photographs of myself on this blog, that doesn’t mean I LOVE getting my picture taken. Like most, I can be quite critical of how I look in a photo. Also, I tend …

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Let’s get to the Heart of the Sunflower: Birthday 2018

I had my 24th birthday early this spring. Sadly, I have come to terms with not being a kid anymore; although age is just a number. No matter how old I am, I have always appreciated a party with a theme. This appreciation may be a product of my childhood dream…being a wedding planner! I …